"Through reading the Manifesting materials, meditating, and application, I am living all the time in expectation of my heart's desires being fulfilled and this really blows my mind. I am a novice but look what is happening!

1. I am losing inches off of my waist and my stomach is flattening without exercising.

2. My personal relationship is rekindling in a more authentic way.

3. My business is thriving at a faster pace than before.

4. My emotional, psychological, and mental factors are improving day by day.

5. My spiritual path is active and strong as I am loving God more and more.

6. My energy level is up, up, and up.


Out of all of my miracles number 7 is the best. I am no longer a victim and for that I say thank you Jafree for blessing us all! Much love".

Muriel Walker, Gainesville, Florida