"I am so excited to share my unbelievable manifesting experience after just three weeks on your manifesting program! I am in sales and I just started new job a couple of months ago. It is a very pressured environment and time is of the essence for closing deals at a small company. I had been working on a competitive opportunity, but they continuously expressed in all of our meetings that nothing could happen until 2006, which is forever in sales. We set up a lunch meeting with the key stake holders to see if we could be creative in somehow getting them to move a little faster.

The night before the big meeting I did Jafree's ”Blue Room Meditation” and asked them to agree to choosing us, doing the deal now and buying the software for the entire organization. I had written down everything that I wanted them to agree to before I did the meditation. It was the first time I have tried the “Blue Room Meditation” and it was a very powerful experience.

When we arrived at the meeting we could not believe what we were hearing because they said we have chosen you, we want to buy everything and we want to do the contracts right now. I have been selling for 25 years and have never experienced this kind of major shift in a prospect before! What a miracle to be able to manifest this kind of outcome!

To say the least my boss was very surprised when I showed him the agreement in my notebook that had been written the night before!! I am forever grateful for your powerful, practical program and your ability to share this message. Bottom line... the deal was worth a $50,000 commission check! What a gift of wisdom and knowledge that you have given all of us." ~Love and blessings!

— Laura W. Dana Point, CA