"Jafree, your Manifesting Manual, "How to Raise Your Manifesting Vibration" is absolutely unique, and worth every penny. It fills a void in the marketplace left after Shakti Gawain's "Creative Visualization." You and Margot write from your own personal and spiritual experience, so not only is the book "a gift from the heart," but it has the best practical manifesting advice that I've ever seen.

All the manifesting books currently on the market truly pale in comparison. Manifesting can be a challenging, difficult, and frustrating hit-and-miss process. Your book simplifies and clarifies manifesting, making it a spiritual practice. This is truly what makes your book special, and what will ultimately give you a huge worldwide audience. You take manifesting out of the head, and introduce it to the spirit. This involves our entire beings, grounding the massive energy of our consciousness with our physical bodies.

When the mind, the emotions, the spirit and the body embrace a vision, we literally BECOME that vision, and it appears "magically," in our lives. Most manifesting books give exercises. You give a whole new way of living, thinking, eating, moving, exercising, talking and meditating. This is an exceptional book, one which I love to read every day. Having you as my personal coach has been a peak life experience. My ego struggles, my consciousness expands, my body gets excited and energized over my amazing goals. You are a constant reminder that Power is not in external circumstances, or in "techniques," but is my Truth and my Core!"

Sam C., West Hartford, Connecticut