"Absolutely incredibly AMAZING stuff! I've been doing HEAVY DUTY research on the power of the mind these past few years to the extent that when I hear testimonials of people saying, 'This is unlike anything I've come across before,' I see those people as rookies.

Napoleon Hill, Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, Shakti Gawain, Joseph Murphy, Al Koran, Paul McKenna, Louise Hay, Wallace D Wattles, can't hold a candle to the info in here. Affirmations and visualizations in other books miss the point... RESULTS!

This is as FAR towards spirituality as you can get while not falling into the category that you must be content with whatever you have. Almost every other source I read imposed limitations which I never liked. This course allows ANYTHING and links up ALL the loopholes. There can be nothing more for me to search for."

— Sanje Singh, Singapore