Special Instructions on How to Awaken Millions of People and Get Paid for It!

"When we all peel away our illusions, tap into our deepest powers, and expand our sense of who we are... we can give birth to a new vision of love that can help enlighten us as individuals and shape a new world."  ~John Welwood

These 12 online Marketing Instructions will create a consistent monthly passive online income stream from sharing your Super Manifestor Products.  Simply by following the inspired action list below, within a few days to a month you should have a profit generating internet business. 

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#1 Tap into Facebook's Massive Social Media Marketing  Facebook has a pay-per-click AD campaign where you can use any of our banners that are found in your affiliate account to generate traffic, signups and sales.  You can use any of your affiliate websites and reach thousands of people a week with the a few clicks of the button! Find the right target market by searching for people interested in manifesting, spirituality, meditation and healing.  As always, the best way to advertise is to give away the FREE Manifesting Magnet Training Program! Which will automatically subscribe them to your upsell email list. Yes, it can be that easy!

#2 Sign up your friends and family in your downline You can always send out an email of your personal Enlightening Experience with our program to your Friends and Family and ask if they want to become a Super Affiliate with you. When they join under you, you'll make an extra 10% commission on everything they sell!  When your friends and family see and feel the results from using the program, they too will get super excited about sharing the free gifts with the world! Everyone benefits and everyone can get paid for sharing the enlightening articles, free guided audio meditations, and daily enlightened messages. The best results we've found come from writing out your personal insights or revelations you had from using our manifesting materials. Of course you also want to include our list of testimonials which you can add your affiliate code in as well. It's an easy way to show people the program works for real!

#3 Post our enlightening articles on your Website and Blog We will allow you to use any of our Enlightening Articles on our blog to share with others, as long as you leave the article as it is, keep the authors name in tact, and don't market anything else but our products.  Always insert your affiliate link to your FREE Manifesting Magnet Training Program at the end of the article and then post it on any ezine article submission sites out

#4 Post Links, Banners and Testimonials on Blogs and High Traffic Websites There are millions of spiritually minded people out there on the internet searching for answers.  Many of them are hanging out in blogs and other healing based sites, seeking some information that will enlighten their life. By giving others an experience of our FREE Manifesting Magnet Training Program it will enlighten their life and create future sales for you.  which means massive future sales.  Super Manifesting Banners are easy to copy/paste and the directions are found inside your Super Affiliate Account

#5 Create Joint Venture Email Exchanges We are open to doing a joint venture email exchange with any like-minded "spiritually based" conscious internet company who has an email list of over 10,000 subscribers. When you find such a business and sign them up as an affiliate under you, we will do an email exchange with them and you will receive 10% commission from everything that THEY sell! You can easily sign people up by sending them to your "affiliate-guide" website which is found in your list of super marketing websites.  After your new affiliate is signed up, contact us immediately and tell us the good news!  We will call them over the phone and begin the joint venture process. Creating these inspiring relationships is an easy way to bring in a monthly passive income stream.  To find them, just look for large metaphysical websites on google who also have affiliate programs with like-minded products dealing with:

manifest destiny
self help
manifest money
life mastery

#6 Start an advertising campaign with the tools inside your Super Marketing Toolbox  There are many pay-per-click advertising sites out there that allow you to place banner ads on their site that receives thousands of visits daily.  High traffic means tons of new people that will sign up to experience your FREE Manifesting Magnet Training Program.  You can also run an AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaign, or you can google these terms to find places to advertise banners: pay per click advertising, CPV Advertising, PPV Advertising, Advertising Contextual. Inside your Super Affiliate Account is your Super Marketing Toolbox.  This contains 14 Marketing Websites, Subscribe Forms, Banners, Marketing Emails and links for people to purchase a product instantly!  Implement these tools on your own personal website and direct traffic to this page.  By using all these tools you'll easily be able to market all our enlightening products and successfully create a consistent online income each month. 

#7 Use a Double Opt-in List Company to Blast out a Million Emails for you!   If you have even a small advertising budget, there are hundreds of double opt-in websites who will do all the emailing for you! There are dozens of legitimate "double opt-in email lists" out there who will send out 500,000+ emails for you. Do your homework and find the one that's right for you!  Anytime a person purchases a product you'll receive 40% commission!  Find the right mass email list and this will turn into a large cash flow for you!

What is double opt-in list? This is a VERY large list of emails who had to confirm their email two times to make sure it is a valid working email.  Single opt-in lists are often full of bogus emails that don't pay back.  To benefit from double opt-in lists, you pay them a small fee to blast out an email to their list of 1-2 million subscribers!  This will instantly bring in new traffic to your FREE Manifesting Magnet Training Program and create massive sales!

To find a highly effective double opt-in email list, go to Google and do a search on any or all of these words: double opt in email marketing, double opt in email lists, bulk email marketing, bulk emailing lists, double opt in email leads.

The key to success here is Target Marketing.  This means getting these enlightening emails to those who really want to read them.  Find those people who are truly needing inspiration, motivation, spiritual growth and enlightenment!  Email these people first with the FREE Gift in your FREE Manifesting Magnet Training Program and then in 2-3 days send a second follow up email about the Super Manifesting Program.  There are many highly effective emails found in the "Marketing Emails" section of your super affiliate account.

#8 Be Consistent... Be Consistent...and Be Consistent! In the world of results and success, nothing speaks louder than consistency and integrity. Perhaps the best advice I can give you for building a super successful internet business in the next 3 months is committing to doing something NEW with it everyday for at least 30 minutes each day. Just 1/2 hour of your time focusing on sharing the FREE Manifesting Magnet Training Program will generate new prospects and create the results you want, rather than doing a few hours every other week.

#9 Follow up with others, then follow through. If you're already connecting with people on facebook and social networking on a daily basis, then it should be easy for you to make an extra income online.  You already have them as a friend, so you can capture their hearts by sharing the FREE enlightening gifts in your FREE Manifesting Magnet Training Program.  Then in 2-3 days check in with them to see what they experienced!  It's good to know that when you follow up with others it means that you care about them.  They feel this and know that you care.  This is what it takes to create real success in your internet business. By consistently sharing success with others, sending out new marketing emails, banners, and signing up people to your enlightening email subscription list you'll inadvertently create massive traffic towards your Super Marketing Websites.    

#10 High Techie Super Affiliate Tips For you big techies out there, here are a few suggestions to build traffic without spending ANY money and become very successful with marketing the Super Manifesting affiliate program.

Build your own website page by taking an article from our Enlightened Beings Blog about manifesting, meditation, mind power, law of attraction, spirituality or anything related & write a review of this product. Social bookmark your Squidoo lens with Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon and use services like Onlywire and Social Marker so it gets indexed by Google quickly. Then submit your RSS feed to popular directories blogdigger.com, blogpulse.com, feedage.com,publisher.yahoo.com.

Link back to your Squidoo lens or website in the resource box. Submit your profile's RSS feed and ping your article as well. Make sure to submit your bookmarking (Onlywire, Digg Ect.) RSS feeds too =). After you submit your RSS feeds ping your lens with Pingomatic.com. I suggest saving all your RSS feeds in a nopepad or text file to use in the later tips.

Post your Super Manifesting Video and direct them to your affiliate link. Submit your profile's RSS feed, bookmark (Onlywire) and ping your video as well.  Always add your affiliate link to the signature to your email.  You can participate in spirituality and new age forums and use your affiliate link in your signature, but whatever you do...do not SPAM!

Create your own Blog and promote your affiliate link and place the banner ads below on your site. Submit your blog's RSS feed, bookmark and ping your articles as well. Combine all of your RSS feeds into one master feed with RSSMix.com and submit that to all of the RSS directories as well.

#11 Take an online course in Internet Marketing There is NO such thing as competition on the internet. The internet is an industry where everyone can sell each others products for each other, helping everyone make an income by doing affiliate exchanges. By taking an online course adn learning everything you can know about internet marketing, you'll have the power to truly become financially free!  Just remember that success is about creating long term trusting relationships with people.  When you find other internet websites and businesses who have similar self-help, spiritual, metaphysical and inspirational products it's a sign for building a bridge that makes your super manifesting products easier to find and the whole world a better place to live.

#12 Most importantly of all...Be Creative and Have Fun!  People LOVE free stuff that empower their consciousness and awaken their soul. It is simply FUN to give away FREE Enlightening Gifts that enlighten others lives and make their hearts sing!! Remember, each time someone signs up to download your FREE Manifesting Magnet Training Package, they are instantly added to your Enlightened Manifestor Email Marketing Upsell list. This means each week they will receive daily emails and inspirational articles (that we'll send out for you) which will always contain your affiliate links inside. When anybody is reading these enlightening emails they will get excited and see the link at the bottom to continue learning.

When people receive an enlightening gift that is truly life changing, they become HIGHLY likely to purchase something else through you!  So give away as much as you can!  These enlightening materials will create new sales for you down the road...

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