My Personal Secrets to Increasing
your Natural Manifestation Powers!
From: The Desk of Jafree Ozwald
What I'm going to share with you below is the most powerful life-transforming Manifesting Technology that's liberated thousands of people from the deepest levels of suffering they were trapped in...

Hi, my name is Jafree and I'm the creator of The 90-Day Super Manifestation Program below...

Perhaps you want to become truly financially free, or meet your soulmate, or have endless creativity, energy or heal from a physical disease. Maybe you want a profound spiritual experience or perhaps move into a million dollar home.

With my Super Manifestation Program, anything is possible!
Whatever you choose to manifest will soon be yours!

Yes! I personally guarantee that within 90 days of applying my Super Manifestation Materials, you will see incredible results! It will completely enlighten the way you interact with reality and turn you into a Manifesting Magnet.

I have been deeply blessed by these manifesting materials and I want to share them with you!

I have been traveling around the world teaching manifestation secrets and have lived in places like Hawaii, Bali, Australia, Sweden, Portugal and now my wife and I just had our first baby in Costa Rica!

After seeing the real life results from applying this ancient technology containing deep spiritual knowledge, I was guided to share these ancient manifesting secrets with the public.

Now, some of these testimonials may sound too good to be true, yet they are all from participants who've reached out to me through the years. What's amazing is how they all manifested their desires with joy and effortless ease...

Just look at what Sunny, a realtor from Atlanta, Georgia, manifested in just one month of using my Super Manifesting Program below...

Jafree's Manifesting Techniques are delightful and easy to accomplish. The end result for me was $127,000.00 in one month, paying off $80,000.00 of debt and now I'm averaging $50,000 a month!

~Sunny W., Georgia

Since 2004, the products inside this program have transformed the lives of thousands of people from 65+ countries around the world!

Many have stated this is the most enlightening Manifesting Technology on the planet today that has liberated thousands of people from the deepest levels of suffering they were trapped in...

In my program, I will give you the exact steps on how to tap into this higher frequency of consciousness where you'll see MANY synchronistic manifestations show up in the most incredible ways!

For the past 2 decades this program has transformed the lives of every single person who has used it and the results it has created in people's lives are astonishing!

You will start learning my step-by-step instructions on how to raise your Manifesting Vibration and naturally become a powerful Manifesting Magnet!

Are you ready for a real-life transformation?

Explosion! That's how I will describe your e-program. It is so full of wisdom and education. I have already read half of it and I feel charged with electricity! Yes, 420 volts of charge!! Thanks for showing the way!

~Mohamed Nadeem, Mombasa City. Coast Province. Kenya

Within 2 weeks of going to the Blue Room, using the tools that Jafree taught me, I manifested something in such a short time, that I never thought would've taken place.... these guys are incredible!!

~Scott A. Boulder, CO

Listen to Scottʼs Voice Message Here!

With a warrior's persistence, childlike playfulness, a poet's gentle heart, and a mystic's soul, Jafree expertly penetrates into the core of your issues.

He is a rare soul who carefully wields healing knowledge and psychic intuition like a sword - cutting a clear path through the veils of misunderstanding, fear and separation.

He is, in fact, a Bodhisattva for the new millennium... helping others to awaken.

~Chris Sadhuta, Hakomi Somatics Healer, Boulder, CO

What it Takes to Dramatically
Increase your Manifestation Powers...

You need to take the risk to do something radically new. Something that will turn you on the moment you wake up in the morning. This program has a magical formula, when done daily produces instant results every time.

In my Morning Manifestation Routine people enlighten their consciousness and FEEL their 'Manifesting Vibration' skyrocket through the roof! Yes! You will raise your Financial Frequency and turn up your joy-valve! This state will naturally and spontaneously attract whatever amount of money your heart desires.
Check out the 150+ Testimonials I've been emailed since 2004. I think these are enough proof for anyone to realize how effective and transformational this program truly is.

Some of these participants simply followed my Super Manifesting Routine for a few weeks, and miracles began showing up.

The inspirational guidance you'll receive inside of my Manifesting Manual will teach you exactly how to effortlessly attract whatever you desire.

I've been using the BLUE ROOM meditation for a while now.... as well as purchasing and faithfully listening to your 3 money making mantras...

financial guru, manifesting abundance, and the money mantra. I must admit that I have not been following it everyday consecutively, but have made a good effort to really FEEL the mantras on the days that I listen. Well, today I decided to put these mantras to the test and I was compelled to write you and share my success with you! I was able to manifest $10,020 today!!!

You can't imagine how I am feeling today... or can you??!! I can't describe the joy, the sense of peace and knowing, the affirmation that everything turned out EXACTLY as I negotiated and meditated upon....

Seriously, this is mind blowing stuff. I WAS probably ONE OF THE BIGGEST SKEPTICS EVER.... but so far in 2009....thanks to your guidance, life is turning out to be UNBELIEVABLE!

My skepticism has been destroyed, and my FAITH IS COMPLETELY RESTORED!!! To anyone out there doubting this...DON'T...this is real, it works, and its FANTASTIC!!

~Tina Zanotto

Dear Jafree, I just want you to know that each night before I fall asleep I thank SPIRIT and the UNIVERSE for putting your first email in my path on my computer on January 23, 2011. Since then I have been feasting on your every word, fully aware that the messages must come from SPIRIT.
You really are an ENLIGHTENED HUMAN!!

I have told hundreds of people about your website and your gift of wisdom. I marvel at how your messages just flow like water from a faucet or might I say the ocean. Where does it come from Jafree? Do you stay up all night writing those articles? I want you to know that I tell everyone about your wonderful articles and Manifesting Program.

Your words speak to me and touch my heart strings more than any other guruʼs works and I have many that Iʼve listened to and have read. Again, thank you for the gift of yourself to me and to so many others who benefit from your wisdom and the gift you have of sharing it the way in which you do.

~Love and Blessings be yours, Rita Schilling, ASC

The most unusual thing is that when I pick up a chapter in your manifesting manual, every part of my being begins to vibrate as if I just plugged into the Universe!

~Morgan, Boston, MA.

Jafree, your Manifesting Manual, How to Raise Your Manifesting Vibration is absolutely unique, and worth every penny. You write from your own personal and spiritual experience, so not only is the book a gift from the heart, but it has the best practical manifesting advice that I've ever seen.

Having you as my personal coach has been a peak life experience. My ego struggles, my consciousness expands, my body gets excited and energized over my amazing goals. You are a constant reminder that Power is not in external circumstances, or in "techniques," but is my Truth and my Core.

~Sam C., West Hartford, Connecticut

Your program is the blueprint for a new life. Thanks again!

~Heather Byrne, Rochester, New York.

This particular ebook does have the ability to put you in contact with that manifesting power so that you can use it for your own benefit and for the benefit of others. I know this is probably a stretch of the imagination for some people out there but for those of you that have an open mind and believe that miracles in your life are possible, I would strongly encourage you to investigate this course because I can tell you after getting in touch with it, and using it myself, I have been creating virtually my dream life. I am self-employed now.

Iʼm in an ideal business that I absolutely love that Iʼm growing from the ground up. I am pursuing all of my dreams and they are in the process of coming true. Now, I donʼt want to tell you that itʼs all a bowl of cherries and that everything just works out like magic. You do have to work and you have to make an effort to change yourself so you can accept these things when they come.

~ Pat Toohey

Listen to Pat Voice Message Below...

I really, really, REALLY love the lessons and the Super Manifestor Program. I am in the midst of reading the Manifesting Manual everyday, and it is so excellently written that I get SO excited to read it everyday!!

It has inspired me to keep a journal with me ALL of the time now, especially for taking notes on the perfectly laid out, detailed secrets and keeping them with me. These secrets are purely beautiful.

I am so forever grateful to you and the Universe that you sell these products AND that I came across them! My life IS changing. I feel so empowered and so enlightened already! I. love. it!!!

~Kenza Kadmiry, Sherman Oaks, CA

It's Time to LIVE the Dream Life
That You Were Born to LIVE!

For the past 20+ years, I've been teaching people my essential Manifestation Secrets and watching them magically manifest any amount of money or whatever soul-mate relationship, house, car, or future situation they wanted.

In 2001, I gathered all of my knowledge and wrote down this information inside the Manifesting Manual, which explains exactly how to manifest outrageous success in the life of ANY human being.

Here's what Diane experienced reading my Manifestation Manual...

Your way of expressing these concepts always attracts me, and nothing, but nothing compares with it-- the tone, the depth of spirituality, I cannot put it into words. Your Manifesting Manual is something I can read over and over and soak up. I am in the process of making the routine a solid part of my life, and it has made a difference!

I LOVE your 12 manifesting meditations too! I know I am a different person after 9 months with Super Manifestor, and in the process of continued positive change! You deserve accolades every day of the year! Keep on with everything, and as we say in Spanish, ANIMO! Lots of love and every blessing to you both.

~Diane Abbott, Spain.

Absolutely incredibly AMAZING stuff! I've been doing HEAVY DUTY research on the power of the mind these past few years to the extent that when I hear testimonials of people saying, 'This is unlike anything I've come across before,' I see those people as rookies…

Napoleon Hill, Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, Shakti Gawain, Joseph Murphy, Al Koran, Paul McKenna, Louise Hay, Wallace D Wattles, can't hold a candle to the info in here. Affirmations and visualizations in other books miss the point... RESULTS!

This is as FAR towards spirituality as you can get while not falling into the category that you must be content with whatever you have. Almost every other source I read imposed limitations which I never liked. This course allows ANYTHING and links up ALL the loopholes. There can be nothing more for me to search for.

~ Sanje Singh, Singapore

It's good to know that a Magical Manifesting Power is within you right now. You were born with the natural gift to materialize anything you desire.

You may not feel it, see it or realize its here because it has been programmed by the system to be asleep. It was covered up by limiting thoughts and beliefs of the entire world around us.

Once you awaken this spiritual manifesting power, you'll experience a highly expansive level of creative awareness where you tap into your natural manifestation abilities.

It will become obvious that you are living from a higher consciousness that is destined for absolute greatness in this life.

You have served your time feeling powerless and incapable of manifesting your dream life.

It is time that for you to fully BELIEVE that anything is possible in this magical multi-dimensional Universe!

By following my Manifesting Routine for even a few weeks, you'll feel your Financial Frequency growing and understand exactly how YOU can manifest anything!

Imagine spending a month at a resort like this
and having more money in savings when you leave...

After doing Jafree's manifesting meditation techniques the first morning I felt an ever growing ability to manifest my heart's desires. Other meditations were bleak and superficial in comparison to Jafree's techniques. His induction methods to relaxation are strong, powerful, and effective. My visualizations were 3-dimensional and seemed to be forming right in front of my eyes. I have never experienced this before in any other of my meditations. Thank you Jafree for sharing the Universal wisdom to those of us who are ready to take on the responsibility to transform one's life.

~Ernie Rohrbacher MASC (NLP)

Jafree's manifestation program makes you to understand deep concept of truth without learning them. It's effortless!

~R.F. from New York State

Manifesting Technology Rooted
in Quantum Physics

The Universe is an alive, consciousness field of energy that is creating our reality. Energy and vibration is the foundation behind all matter, information, and intelligence in an infinite field that responds to your mind's emotional intention and feelings.

The greatest quantum physicists around the world know that the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds our bodies has a greater range when a person is vibrating at a higher state of consciousness.

When you follow my steps to increase your Manifesting Vibration, you reach a higher Financial Frequency. This is where 'miraculous' abundance can begin mysteriously materializing into your life! These are all ordinary people (just like you) who were once curious about the secrets to manifesting their dream life and decided to download my program.

I tell you some of these testimonials totally BLOW MY MIND!

Check out what Bayan manifested below using Chapter 9 of my Manifesting Manual...

I promise you this program is 100% REAL!!

I did exactly what chapter 9 of the Manifesting Manual said and got tremendous results that really amazed me! I gained $500,000 from a TV show, bought my dream car and am engaged to the person that I feel is my soulmate!

We are in love and he is just like I imagined him! Believe it or not. Everything that I write here is TRUE, thank you for helping me!

~Bayan Rahal

I contacted Jafree to help me change my financial situation. I have followed his plan faithfully and I went from $90,000 in debt with no direction, to where I am now out of debt and financially free!

~G. K., Colorado

For many months I had only one real estate deal... I purchased the Super Manifesting Package and within a week of listening to the Money Manifestation Meditations I received a new construction listing at $3,995,000 in Bedford, NY!

Believe it or not, I also closed on two properties one for $837,500 in Norwalk CT and another for $420,000 in Stamford, CT. I am manifesting money all over… the investment was definitely worth the price based on my 10,000% return! Thank you!

~D. P., Greenwich, CT

So Exactly, What's Inside
The Super Manifestor Program?

Your First Enlightening Experience Is...

The Manifesting Manual

Inside your 250+ page Manifestation Manual, you'll receive the world's greatest secrets to manifesting along with 21 powerful manifesting meditations, 13 magical visualization exercises, and 200 deeply enlightening quotes that will awaken you into 5D Consciousness.

The Manifesting Manual is the essential handbook to attending my magical Manifesting University. It has been described by many as the most comprehensive and complete manifesting guidebook on the planet.

Using just this program you'll be able to attract ALL your desires with effortless ease! The Manifesting Manual has the technology to help you magnetize everything from total financial freedom to enlightened loving relationships, to having a peak state of energy for the rest of your life.

All 14 mind-blowing chapters inside this one e-book will transform all your problems into opportunities and pave a path to freedom in your future ahead.

Get ready to start attracting that amazing life you soooo deserve. Inside this enlightening download, you'll get to learn everything you need to know to graduate from my Super Manifesting University.

The Manifesting Manual Audiobook

If you'd rather listen than read, within 12 hours you can digest all of the most essential, powerful, and deeply enlightening information you need to become a Manifesting Master. This powerful audiobook is an easy way to attend my Manifesting University.

You'll learn exactly how to awaken your manifesting powers, transcend your saboteurs and blocks, and receive ALL the essential tools, techniques, and technology you'll need to manifest the life of your dreams.

The information you'll digest will help you magnetize financial freedom, cultivate enlightened loving relationships, and achieve a peak state of energy for the rest of your life! Listen to all 14 chapters containing the most effective manifesting technology on the planet today with your headphones wherever you are.
The 90-Day Manifesting Routine

This 48-page ebook is our most effective, FUN, and sought-after aspect of our super manifesting program because it provides one essential thing...it produces massive RESULTS. The simple habits and actions of the Manifesting Routine are the essential backbone of the Manifesting Manual and raising your manifesting vibration.

By following the 8 Habits Manifesting Routine for 3 months you're guaranteed a massive transformation in your life! Your mornings will be so exciting you'll be jumping for joy at the results you're manifesting. Get ready to shift your life into high gear and start living the life you didn't think was possible to have!
The Super Manifesting Video Gold Pack

Experience 27 enlightening videos that Jafree has personally recorded and speaks on everything we need to know to increase our natural manifesting ability and effortlessly attract everything our heart desires.

This is a highly personalized experience with Jafree that will boost your vibration through the roof! These heart-driven messages are given from Jafree's soul, teaching you the secrets to life mastery even faster and easier.

I've been on the 90 day course for a few months now and am really noticing some amazing changes in myself. I feel healthier, I got a promotion at work, I've started developing my online business plans that I've had for years... and so much more! Thanks Jafree. Please keep the inspiration coming.

~Jeremy Gard, Brisbane, Australia

The Kundalini Awakening Program!

You'll receive the energetic blueprint on how to ignite your super natural manifesting abilities. The Kundalini Awakening program will show you how to access all the spiritual energy, wisdom, and power you need to live a truly extraordinary spiritual life.

Some enlightening side effects of an awakening Kundalini include…

• Complete mind & body healing from all diseases.

• A dramatic increase in psychic abilities.

• Feeling whole, centered, empowered, and truly alive.

• An embodied realization of your Divine Infinite Spiritual Nature!

• Rebooting your natural ability to manifest your desires super fast and with effortless ease...

The digital products you’ll get to access in
my Kundalini Awakening Program are...

* A 16-page PDF guidebook containing detailed instructions and ancient yogic techniques for awakening your Kundalini.

* A video explaining the ancient secrets behind the Kundalini, how it works and how to do it.

* The Kundalini Shaking Meditation Instruction Video.

* A 30-minute guided audio MP3 meditation to open your chakras, attune your energy, and sensitize your Kundalini channel.

* My NEW Tantric Mastery Manual for men who wish to learn how to awaken their Kundalini through ejaculation control and reaching a multi-orgasmic state of bliss!

* A Shamanic Tantric Breathwork guided meditation (with detailed instructions) that will clear your mind, open your channel and ignite the sleeping fire of Kundalini inside of you!

Get ready to experience a direct connection to an unlimited source of energy and consciousness. You are about to ignite your highest spiritual intelligence and transform your entire life!

You'll learn how to step out of poverty consciousness, be free from small-minded thinking, create enlightened loving relationships, enter your natural spiritual state of consciousness.

If you wish to effortlessly release excess weight you have, simply follow my enlightening Green Juice program. It worked miracles for me and I'll tell you all my personal secrets of what to do and not do.

You'll also get access to my 14 Exclusive Radio Interviews which dive into my personal details about how to spiritually awaken the power of manifestation in your life through 5D consciousness.

These interactive dialogs dive into the most essential key secrets that will answer any personal questions you have about how to tap into a 5D spiritual experience of life where things manifest effortlessly for you. This product is only found through the Super Manifesting Program and is an entire Manifesting University in itself!
Affirmations to Manifest an Awakened,
Empowered and Abundant Life

This amazing ebook is packed FULL of the most enlightening affirmations that will truly transform your perspective on reality. It in itself is a complete 90-day life transformational experience.

This enlightening program contains over 300 powerful affirmations that are hand-selected out of thousands to deeply reprogram your mind, body, and your life for real true amazing life success.

Jafree shows you his unique "secret affirmation technique" which drills ANY affirmation directly into the deepest basement of your subconscious mind to fully reprogram your ways of daily thinking.

Follow this manual and you'll find that you effortlessly manifest successful relationships, an abundant financial situation, incredible job satisfaction, peak health, and best of all the knowledge and power to manifest ANYTHING you desire!

In all my many years of professional work I have never read anything that touches my heart as much as your articles, your Enlightened Messages. Viewing your picture online it was hard to "believe that one so young could come forth with so much wisdom. It's rooted deep in spirituality/soul language and common sense... and much more which I cannot even articulate.

I have attempted to express how much I look forward to your articles and words are not enough! Again, thanking you for sharing the gift that you are to so many people throughout the world!

~Rita Schilling ASC

101 Thoughts to Experience a Spiritual Awakening

This powerful 106-page ebook contains 101 enlightening thoughts that were downloaded to me from my Samadhi experience in India in 1995.

These concepts are powerful, life-transforming, and 100% guaranteed to ignite that higher spiritual awareness in your life!

By meditating on these thoughts you'll open your mind, awaken your heart and begin tapping into an unlimited source of divine power within you.

Some say this information is the raw essential fuel that we all need to keep the spiritual fire continuously burning inside.

Within a few days on this spiritually awakening journey, you'll find a sweet warmth fills your heart, bringing more consciousness to the divine being that you already are!

Get ready to experience an infinite spiritual source of life within you.
The 8-Day Manifesting E-course

This powerful online e-course will jumpstart your manifesting engines with the basic essential manifesting secrets.

You'll receive 8 powerful manifesting lessons over 8 consecutive days. Each lesson contains manifesting wisdom, and practical knowledge on how to apply this empowering information to your life.

These 8 "enlightening assignments" will inspire you and get your life moving into action! Now, this is something worth leaping out of bed for every morning!

Access 50+ Guided Manifesting Meditations on MP3 Audio!

Here are some of the Magical Manifesting Meditations you'll receive...
Perhaps You're Wondering What Is the Actual Cost of the Super Manifestor Program?
  • The Kundalini Awakening Program ($47)
  • The Super Manifesting Video Gold Pack ($27)
  • The Manifesting Manual ($27)
  • The 90-Day Manifesting Routine ($27)
  • The Manifesting Manual Audiobook ($27)
  • ​Affirmations to Manifest an Awakened and Abundant Life ($17)
  • ​101 Thoughts to Experience a Spiritual Awakening ($17)
  • ​The 8-Day Manifesting Magnet E-course ($17)
  • ​The Enlightened Manifestor Program ($27)
  • ​The Guided Meditation to Become a Manifesting Magnet ($17)
  • ​The Million Dollar Manifesting Meditation ($17)
  • ​Guided Meditation for Manifesting an Abundance of Money ($17)
  • ​The Guided Meditation to Meeting your Inner Financial Guru ($17)
  • ​The Money Mantra Manifesting Meditation ($17)
  • ​The Blue Room Manifesting Meditation ($17)
  • ​Healing your Body, Mind, and Soul Meditation ($17)
  • ​The Self Love Meditation ($17)
  • ​The Love Mantra Manifesting Meditation ($17)
  • ​Manifesting Your Soul Mate Meditation ($17)
  • ​The Guided Meditation to Experiencing Samadhi ($17)
  • ​The Guided Meditation for Awakening Your Kundalini ($17)
  • ​The Guided Meditation Journey into The Akashic Records ($17)
  • ​The Guided Meditation to Become a Manifesting Magnet ($17)
  • ​The Quiet Mind Guided Meditation ($17)
  • ​The Special Guided Meditation to Trusting Life ($17)
  • ​The Guided Healing Journey for Children Meditation ($7)
  • ​The 12-Day Money Magnet Manifesting E-Course ($17)

    You'll also receive access to special radio interviews with Jafree, 100+ enlightening talks on audio, and my personal Spiritual Awakening Meditations which are not available for sale yet in my online shop. And if you speak Spanish, you'll even receive the Spanish translation of my 250+ page Manifesting Manual for FREE! If you added up everything together...

$1195 USD
NOTE: In these financially challenging times, every human being deserves access to Manifestation Technology. So I've greatly reduced the price for everyone... With this one-time purchase you'll receive LIFETIME Access to ALL the materials above!

Everything that you'll receive...

• 50+ Manifesting Meditations on MP3 audio

• Over 500 pages of Manifesting Materials on PDF

• 27 Super Manifestation Videos

• The Entire Money Manifestation Program

• The 5D Kundalini Awakening Program

• 2 Online Manifesting Ecourses

• Spiritual Awakening BONUS Meditations

And my own personal Secret Money Manifestation Technique which I used to attract $20,000 in one weekend!!

Today, you can get this super discount for my 90-Day Super Manifestation Program!

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90 Days Refund Policy

I want you to trust in life fully so you can experience the magic of what's truly possible, which is why I offer everyone a 100% Money Back Refund.

I want you to feel relaxed about your investment knowing that you can get a refund if you don't manifest REAL RESULTS in your life.

You are attending the oldest and most enlightening Manifestation University that on the internet! I want to feel safe to receive the deepest information and highest transformation possible.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

ૐ Who Is Jafree Ozwald? ૐ

Since 1997, I have been a personal manifestation coach, workshop leader, akashic records reader, mind-body healer, world traveler, and spiritual guide.

I love practicing yoga, tantra with my wife Hari, long hikes through the Costa Rican mountains, and offering workshops in Costa Rica.

I've dedicated my life to teaching people the secrets of manifestation, the power of Tantra in your relationships, and enlightening the consciousness of everyone on this planet with my Enlightened Messages!

Get ready for deep healing, inspiration, and life mastery guidance...enjoy!
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