Super Manifestor Refund Form


INSTRUCTIONS:  If you have followed each of the 8 manifesting habits for 6 days a week over the last 12 weeks, then please proceed to filling in each section on the form below.

As stated in our refund policy, your agreed purchase can only be refunded IF you can prove how you have followed and integrated every aspect of each of the 8 habits into your life over the past 90 days and received no positive changes in your life. 

Please do not request a refund unless you can prove without any doubt (over our follow up phone call) how you personally followed each one of the 8 habits exactly as they are stated in the 90 day Manifesting Routine e-book. 

Please note that if you've listened to the manifesting meditations everyday and you have not truly followed all 8 habits exactly, this does not meet our refund qualifications.  What we are looking for is consistency and follow through with the 8 manifesting habits.

To qualify for a refund please you must fill out
every section on the form below:

First and Last Name

Your Phone Number

Email Address

Order Number of Product Purchased

Please describe in extreme detail what you did to follow the 8 habits manifesting routine.  Please include your daily diet, details of the purification routine, physical exercise, reading habits, financial thoughts, emotional and social habits, sleep habits and daily meditation practice over the past 90 days. It's good to know you can type infinitely past the length of this line.

Why do you feel the 90 Day Manifesting Program did not work for you?

What were 3-5 goals on your Manifesting Agenda that you wrote down and did not manifest?

What was the greatest challenge you came across from following the 8 Habits Manifesting Routine?

What phone number can I contact you at, the time zone are you in, and the best time to contact you?


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