The Super Manifestor Program

100% Results Guarantee and 90 Day Refund Policy

100% Guaranteed!

Your $127 investment in the Super Manifesting Program is a 90 day agreement to implement the 8 Habits Manifesting Routine over the next 90 days of your life where you can ask for FREE support if you should ever feel stuck.

If you have followed the entire 8 Habits Manifesting Routine for 90 consecutive days in a row and have already Asked for Support during these 90 days and still have not seen ANY dramatic positive changes occur in your life, then you may Request a Refund.

The 8 Habits Manifesting Routine in Chapter 9 of the Manifesting Manual is the essential backbone to raising your vibration and transforming your life.  It is what makes this program 100% Guaranteed to manifest those physical real life results that you want in 90 days or less. If you do not follow the manifesting routine, you cannot expect ANY life changes to occur and we cannot offer you a refund.


Why Is Our Refund Policy Set Up This Way?

Your $127 investment is a sacred 3 month contract with us to ensure you will break through your resistances to change and choose instead of your excuses the decision to transform your life. You are committing to reinventing a brand new you. One that is capable of manifesting everything you desire. All you need to do is let go of your excuses to raising your vibration and receiving your dream life.

When you purchased this program, you made the commitment to evolve in consciousness, raise your vibration, grow past your limits, and integrate a new way of living that manifests your dream. These 8 habits are the starting point to shape shifting your life. and apply this enlightening information. It simply comes down to letting go of your ego, and trusting in your highest guidance.

We know that negative belief systems are very hard to break, and you may need extra support in shifting out of these old pains.  During this 90 day contract you are most likely going to hit major fears, doubts, skepticism, cynicism and massive resistance towards doing sticking to the program on a daily basis and may need support. If we simply gave you your money back when you hit one of these walls, you would prove that it didn't work and go back to being stuck and unable to change.

We at Enlightened Beings are here to help you evolve and grow. We want you to know how amazing you truly are, so our enlightening team is here to help you in this process. If during these 90 days you cannot move forward, we will be here to assist you. We know many people in this world feel alone and that they don't have the right positive people around them to help them believe in themselves.  We want you to feel  supported in life. We are the new world, the new generation of people who support each other to reach our full potential.

Why Do We Offer You This Support?

We want to create an abundant new planet where everyone can enjoy life, being whoever they are and creating whatever they want in it! We know how challenging it can be to transform old patterns and habits that we are stuck in. Our mission is all about breaking free from old excuses and negative belief systems that are stopping you. Those thoughts that say why you cannot, shouldn't, or are unable to create the most amazing life that you love. 

Like anything in life, you must do the work to see results. We want you to be very satisfied with our product and realize how to implement its most empowering aspects.  This is not an instant miracle producing program that makes all your dreams come true in 24 hours just by reading it (although it has done that for some people). You must understand that your purchase is a symbol of your investment and devotion to a better future you, and it will work IF you do the deeper transformational work on you!  This enlightening shift in consciousness has worked for tens of thousands of people and it will work for you as well.

We at Enlightened Beings are willing to offer you free online support over these 90 days to help you remove your resistances, shift emotional blocks, drop your excuses and increase your manifesting vibration. Our job is to help you follow this routine for 90 days in a row so that you can release your resistances to a higher vibrational life and manifest everything that you desire.

Manifesting your dream life is an enormous shift in energy and consciousness and often requires a major shift in our inner world. Everyone hits a wall at some point in their personal development process, which is why our team is willing to reset your contract and give you an additional 90 days of online support if you are following the routine and hitting a super challenging time. 

When you look at it financially, $127 is a very small 3 month investment to creating an amazing new you. You would normally pay $10,000+ over 90 days for the support you need to create an empowered successful new future. We find that any investment in yourself is powerful and needed to keep one in integrity and on track. We are here to help you be accountable for your commitments and stick to your 90 day commitment so you are personally devoted to transforming your entire life in the most amazing ways.

Our team is capable of helping you transform any excuses you have that keep you stuck in your old life. Typically issues of low self esteem, poor attitude, low energy, and financial struggle are inherited from parents, family and past generations and seem to miraculously disappear for those who follow the morning manifesting routine. Results have shown that just doing the morning manifesting routine for even just 3 weeks will dramatically transform your mind so you become devoted to create a more empowered, alive, healthy and abundant YOU! 

Thousands of people of all ages, sizes and creed have found these 8 habits to be nothing short of miraculous.  We want you to experience this for yourself and actually truly deeply transform your life which is why our refund policy includes 90 days of online support and our refund agreement below.

What If You Cannot Break Through your Blocks with the Help of Our Support Team During these 90 Days?

Support to manifest your dream life is an essential part of  your investment in moving forward with your life and our gift to you. We know that it can be very hard in the beginning to shift out of old patterns and are very familiar with the sabotaging mindset that ends up creating stuckness and failure in people's lives. We know what it takes to become financially abundant, truly successful, happy, and enjoy life. We know the secrets to loving intimate relationships! You want all of these things right? Your purchase is a 90 day contract with yourself, to hold yourself accountable for creating the life you desire and dream to have!

The 8 habits manifesting routine will transform the planet. If you do it for only a few days, you will see that your vibration, thinking and energy will already have changed. By taking this first initial step to TRY  something radically different, this is how we create massive change in our lives. When you start to follow the 8 Habits everyday, you are taking one giant leap towards creating that amazing life that you signed up for today!

What's At Risk?

Buying this program is a symbol that you are ready to totally transform your life.  Sure, investing your money in anything in life is a risk, yet nothing great was ever achieved without great risk. If you are willing to take a step in a new direction and willing to do something totally different, you will become someone different. All you need to do is take the risk to use it. 

The biggest risk is not making any changes. We all need to take change our life for the better. All the tools and materials you need to assist you in this transformation are inside your Super Manifesting Package.  Think of this in the terms that if you never showed up for your exams, or did your "homework assignments" from school, do you think you deserve to pass your class? We have the manifesting technology to totally transform your life, help you achieve greater love, financial success, inner peace, and amazing health IF you follow these 8 habits.

I know that deep inside your being that you have the ability, knowledge and courage to create ANYTHING your heart desires. The Super Manifesting Program has done exactly this for thousands of people so I know it will work for you. You have nothing to lose and a magical powerful life to gain. 

If you don't do follow through with your end of this deal, and refuse to change your poor habits of living that don't support you in your highest vibration of consciousness, then you are simply sabotaging yourself. This program is here to transform your life, and if you lean on your excuses to remain stuck in old habits that harm you, then giving a refund for these excuses doesn't support you in breaking these patterns. Don't you want to experience what its like to manifest the dream life that you desire?

This we can guarantee in 90 days or less IF you do it! This is perhaps the most amazing transformation you will ever have in your life.  Do not pass it up.  Get ready to step onto the most powerful playing field and have fun learning how to raise your vibration and manifest your dreams!

Thank you for purchasing the program!

Please Contact Your Support Team for any further questions or assistance in getting the most out of your Super Manifestation Experience!


100% Guaranteed!
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