150+ Testimonials from Participants Who Applied Jafree's Super Manifesting Materials...
NOTE: Every testimonial below was randomly,
spontaneously and personally emailed
to me over the last 20+ years...
"I did exactly what chapter 9 of the Manifesting Manual said and got tremendous results that really amazed me! I gained $500,000 from a TV show, bought my dream car and am engaged to the person that I feel is my soulmate! We are in love and he is just like I imagined him! Believe it or not. Everything that I write here is TRUE , thank you for helping me! " ~ Bayan Rahal

"Jafree's Manifesting Techniques are delightful and easy to accomplish. The end result for me was $127,000.00 in one month, paying off $80,000.00 of debt and now I'm averaging $50,000 a month!" ~Sunny W., Georgia

"I have only been reading the manual and doing the affirmations for ONE DAY and I can feel the higher vibrations already!!" ~Patrick Mclane, Provo, Utah.

"I contacted Jafree 12 months ago to help me change my financial situation. I have followed his plan faithfully and I went from $90,000 in debt with no direction, to where I am now out of debt and financially free!" ~G. K., Colorado

"Explosion! That's how I will describe your e-program. It is so full of wisdom and education. I have already read half of it and I feel charged with electricity! Yes, 420 volts of charge!! Thanks for showing the way!" ~Mohamed Nadeem, Mombasa City. Coast Province. Kenya

"Absolutely Incredible! When I started applying what you taught, money started pouring in from everywhere! I even found my Soul Mate by using your Universal Secrets to Receiving Unlimited Success! Now whenever I need or want something I just ask for it." ~C.W., New York

"With a warrior's persistence, childlike playfulness, a poet's gentle heart, and a mystic's soul, Jafree expertly penetrates into the core of your issues. He is a rare soul who carefully wields healing knowledge and psychic intuition like a sword - cutting a clear path through the veils of misunderstanding, fear and separation. He is, in fact, a boddhisattva for the new millennium... helping others to awaken." ~Chris Sadhuta, Hakomi Somatics Healer, Boulder, CO

"I've been using the "BLUE ROOM" meditation for a while now....as well as purchasing and faithfully listening to your 3 money making mantras...financial guru, manifesting abundance, and the money mantra. I must admit that I have not been following it everyday consecutively, but have made a good effort to really FEEL the mantras on the days that I listen. Well, today I decided to put these mantras to the test and I was compelled to write you and share my success with you! I was able to manifest $10,020 today!!! You can't imagine how I am feeling today... or can you??!! I can't describe the joy, the sense of peace and knowing, the affirmation that everything turned out EXACTLY as I negotiated and meditated upon....Seriously, this is mind blowing stuff. I WAS probably ONE OF THE BIGGEST SKEPTICS EVER....but so far in 2009....thanks to your guidance, life is turning out to be UNBELIEVABLE! My skepticism has been destroyed, and my FAITH IS COMPLETELY RESTORED!!! To anyone out there doubting this... DON'T...this is real, it works, and its FANTASTIC!! Best Regards, ~TZ

"I've been on the 90 day course for a few months now and am really noticing some amazing changes in myself. I feel healthier, I got a promotion at work, I've started developing my online business plans that I've had for years... and so much more! Thanks Jafree. Please keep the inspiration coming. Best regards. ~Jeremy Gard, Brisbane, Australia

"AMAZING stuff!! I've been doing HEAVY DUTY research on the power of the mind these past few years to the extent that when I hear testimonials of people saying "this is unlike anything I've come across before",... I see those people as Rookies. Napoleon Hill, Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, Shakti Gawain, Joseph Murphy, Al Koran, Paul McKenna, Louise Hay, Wallace D Wattles, can't hold a candle to the info in here. Affirmations, visualizations in other books miss the point...RESULTS! This is as FAR towards spirituality as you can get while not falling into the category that you must be content with whatever you have. Almost every other source I read imposed limitations which I never liked. This program allows ANYTHING and links up ALL the loopholes. There can be nothing more for me to search for. I always knew I was Godly in nature. Just needed confirmation and proof. I remember turning away from the screen... laughing and thinking... OH MY GOD....THAT'S IT! MY GOD, THAT'S IT...WOW! ~Jim Kapoor, Malaysia

"I am from Brazil living in New York, and since I was very young I read lots of books on self-help...I purchased your e-book about one month ago and am now at page 40 and reading everyday little by little, trying to absorb all the teachings you have in your manifesting e-book. I have read many many many books that never teach you the point of 'how' to get there, yet your book is different. It's already making a difference in my life because when I get up in the morning the first thing I want to do is re-read again and again pages 40 to 50 because you really have magic on these pages. I hope I can understand every word and change my life. Thank you for sending very encouraging emails! I read and save every one of them. Have a great day!" ~Cida, NY, New York City

"I have read loads of books on healing and spirit and none of them have affected me like reading The Manifesting Manual - How to raise your Manifesting Vibration! If I compare my state of mind now to what it was just a week ago I would say its more like a miraculous healing than anything I have ever experienced before! " ~Pam Buswell, Montreal, Canada.

Dear Jafree, My name is Vanessa and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Last year I lost my job and all I can say now is that was the best thing that could happen to me! I have read so many books this last year from Stuart Wilde, Greg Braden, David Icke, Claude Bristol, Wallace D Wattles and the book Creative Visualization from Shakti Gawain. And then I found you...You touched me in my heart from the first moment and your uplifting words feels so inspiring and good! You are a very great spirit and I am so grateful and blessed that my spirit let me to you!! Here in the Netherlands we have a few people who made manifestation programs but none of them makes me feel what you do. Much love and bless you dear Jafree xxx PS. I love the video... very exciting! I was on the edge of my seat. YAY for you!!!!! I have recommended your program to at least 5 people!!!! ~ Rev. Kate Hawkins

Dear Jafree, a couple of days back, I purchased your Manifesting Manual finally! What an amazing book it is! Although I have read only a quarter of it I just am speechless with the kind of knowledge I am getting. Your explanation of the EGO mind is awesome and it is raising my awareness level tremendously. What a great book!!! I was waiting for this all these years! ~Sarvesh Mopkar

"I did some Visualization program and NLP but I know deep inside I need to get rid of all past garbage in my mind in order to truly manifest things and NLP was helpful but it was more like "intellectual" thing for me and it doesn't get rid of subconscious stuff. So I looked for alternative and found Jafree! His Manifestation program is more like "feeling it" and "experiencing it". For me this is better than NLP! Jafree's manifestation program makes you to understand deep concept of truth without learning them. It's effortless!" ~R.F. from New York State

"I bought your materials last year and I'm quite impressed with the content. Used your procedures for manifestation and it helped me earn admission into a Top 5 business school for MBA degree. I have read many books in manifestation and spirituality, your book is pretty much sum and substance of all of it and at the same time giving meaning to life. Your content is truly enlightening. When I re-read the manual I was touched by the following sentence in pg 74. " Being successful by collecting truckloads of material possessions through great accomplishment is not your purpose in life, you cannot take these things with you, so why be so possessed? Your journey is about raising your consciousness by BEING constantly present to what experience is here now" I'm now on new path. thank you putting together such great work and enlightening fellow human beings." ~Regards, Ram

"When I ‘stumbled’ on your website... I was still struggling with trying to ‘control’ severe depression, hated the mirror, had been in and out of relationships for 10 years, wondering what life was all about and how many more years I had to continue. I was in a management role, was good at my job, (although I didn’t believe this) earning a good income, and enjoyed it but was wanting something I was passionate about!! I was sexually abused as a child, and had always been attracted to men that mistreated me. After being married to a man with schizophrenia for 20 years (with lots of turbulent years) I continued on the next 10 years in and out of similar type relationships. While I was reading through your testimonials on your site I must admit I was a skeptic... I really thought that while obviously you had made a difference for other people, how could you help me!!?? Well the skeptic has certainly been put in her place.....If anyone had told me even a few months ago that I would resign from my current position, without any plans for a new job and within hours be looking at buying a very profitable, fun business – I would have said they were crazy!! But that’s what I’ve done – and of course every little detail has just fallen in to place. And after years of trying to work through the relationship issues – in just one session you guided me through how to break through these blocks that had been keeping me stuck! I was amazed the process you took me through to allow me to let go of the past and move on. Words cannot begin to describe my appreciation for you. How do I thank someone who has totally transformed my life, given me my life!!?? Has turbo charged me through ‘stuff’ that I’ve been trying to work on for the last 12 years. I’ve made such huge changes so quickly and loving every second! I’m also living every moment in total bliss! What an incredible feeling and I Love It!!! You are incredible, beautiful and amazing Jafree and I am eternally grateful and honored to have met such a beautiful soul. From the very bottom of my heart... Thank you!!" ~Kay Mackay in Australia (Queensland)

"Thank you so much, I cannot explain what your words have done for me and how they have inspired me. I have printed this email and carry in my pocket as a reminder or where I am going and what I am going to manifest. This email has supercharged my passion and beliefs. It is amazing how the universe gives you a message sometimes. Somebody said something to me yesterday that hit so hard between the eyes in actually shook my whole being. They said stress is only present in the absence of faith and belief of what you are manifesting. If you have complete faith and belief in what you are manifesting and you know without a shadow of a doubt that it has been created and it is on its way to you then you would not stress. Stress is the mind trying to control the outcome and creating a lack feeling or doubt which causes you to stress. So don’t stress about anything. Thank you Jafree for taking the time you have to talk to me, you cannot conceive what your words have done for me. I wish you peace and blessings and love in everything you do. You are truly inspiring. God bless!" ~Gregg

'I've been learning about being a 'deliberate creator' for about a year now...and in that time have read widely on the subject. I have found Jafree's book on manifesting to be the most helpful on this subject. It is a joy to read...comprehensively covering all the factors that we need to understand about how the process of manifesting works. For me one of the most powerful things about the book is that I can feel my vibration being uplifted as I read. So...not only does Jafree teach you how to be a conscious manifestor...he also raises your vibration which helps you really be a conscious manifestor. So among all the books I have read, this is the one I constantly return to for inspiration...and the one that I can most wholeheartedly recommend!' With much love to you Jafree. ~Josie Wood, Addingham, Yorkshire, UK, Write

"The first time I used my Blue Room meditation I stepped into the beautiful blue room and sat down and negotiated a contract I wanted. I saw the people involved sitting down with me and signing the contract happily. When I finished I felt great and peaceful. If I thought about the contract, I just said to myself “it’s a done deal” we’ve already signed the contract and let it be. And that’s exactly what happened. The vendor signed a contract with me and the organization I represent and very happily I might add. This first year the contract is moving into the half million dollar mark…which is fabulous for me, requires little effort on my part and my commissions are over the top. Needless to say, I’m going back to the blue room to create the people, places and funding I want for my next venture. Thanks Jafree and Margot for creating such a fun, easy and truly effective blue room meditation. I’ll keep you posted on my successes." ~Judy D

"I looked back over the last few weeks and noticed that before I began reading your manifesting manual, I had around 24 personal victories per week. The week after I started reading it, my victories shot up to 40, then following week was 45!! Now this week was 48!!! Man, you got some kind of magic going on! I've never done so well. Your manifesting program is changing my life Jafree. I'm starting to think and feel very differently. It rocks - and so do YOU!!! " ~Avalon de Witt, Iowa

"Dearest Jafree, I am sitting in my office reading your Manifesting Manifesto....and I Feel COMPELLED to express my gratitude for the genius you put together and the passion that comes across to the reader. I love the Enforcer piece and the Money Mudra piece!!! Your bhakti and love RADIATE through this TEXT....and it is nourishing and delectable food for the soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ~Sue Stebbins, CHT Principal, Deliberately Create Your Dreams, successwaves.com, Norwalk, CT

"I'm enjoying your book AND that it's working for me! I have already manifested a job for me to do back in Chicago while I'm taking a couple courses and writing my business plan. Before I got into your book I was beginning to get really anxious about finding just the right position so I would be able to pursue everything I want and still make enough money to support myself. Your book taught me how to begin to let go of my thought traps so I could relax and trust the Universe that I would get what I want. The moment I quit struggling with my mind, everything fell into place without any effort on my part -- I found out about the perfect job a week ago Thursday, got an interview the next day, and interviewed AND got an offer on that same Sunday. And all of this happened during the 4 days I was actually in Chicago while I was taking a break from working for my Mom in Texas! That was the first item on my manifesting agenda and I am truly amazed that it came so quickly and easily -- what a huge relief, I still haven't fully processed how wonderful this is!" ~Trace Jurica, Chicago, IL

"Jafree, your Manifesting Manual, "How to Raise Your Manifesting Vibration" is absolutely unique, and worth every penny. It fills a void in the marketplace left after Shakti Gawain's "Creative Visualization." You and Margot write from your own personal and spiritual experience, so not only is the book "a gift from the heart," but it has the best practical manifesting advice that I've ever seen. All the manifesting books currently on the market truly pale in comparison. Manifesting can be a challenging, difficult, and frustrating hit-and-miss process. Your book simplifies and clarifies manifesting, making it a spiritual practice. This is truly what makes your book special, and what will ultimately give you a huge worldwide audience. You take manifesting out of the head, and introduce it to the spirit. This involves our entire beings, grounding the massive energy of our consciousness with our physical bodies. When the mind, the emotions, the spirit and the body embrace a vision, we literally BECOME that vision, and it appears "magically," in our lives. Most manifesting books give exercises. You give a whole new way of living, thinking, eating, moving, exercising, talking and meditating. This is an exceptional book, one which I love to read every day. Having you as my personal coach has been a peak life experience. My ego struggles, my consciousness expands, my body gets excited and energized over my amazing goals. You are a constant reminder that Power is not in external circumstances, or in "techniques," but is my Truth and my Core." ~Sam C., West Hartford, Connecticut

"While browsing for a Kundalini meditation one day, I came across a face I intuitively know, a soul I clearly recognize whom I can best describe in this lifetime as 'Jafree the Great.' Jafree is a very old and very wise soul who has incarnated at this critical transitional time on Earth to aide suffering mankind in his constant struggle for Higher Truths and ever greater personal achievements. Jafree is a true blessing to mankind, a divine instrument able to brighten even the seemingly darkest paths with his proverbial magical wand, his gift of Higher Truth to all those who seek it. Those who will search for truth with no preconceptions whatsoever regarding what they may believe as truth are those that will reap the greatest fruit from their Highest Guidance. Through Jafree's sweet, soothing energy which he emits through his carefully articulated yet simple words if you are actually ready for rebirth, that is precisely what you will receive. There are no limits to what each one of us is capable of with even just a little nudge in the right direction, Jafree provides that nudge. In any event, serious seekers will find serious answers to all their questions if they are only willing to truly listen and continue listening... I send many blessings to all those seekers on the path to Higher Wisdom and can in all honesty say that Jafree is the very best place to start, continue or end any serious path towards enlightenment or to simply enhance personal growth and help create a permanent sense of well being through Knowledge." ~A.B. Rome, Italy

"I am very impressed and thankful for your manifesting book, I wish I had found your site months ago. There is so much information and things to do I'm not even close to finishing reading after 3 weeks! Within days I noticed a vibrational change for the better." ~L . Byrd, Lakeland, Florida.

"I've been doing the manifesting routine for about a little over a week and noticing what I think is actually beginning to manifest! My skin is starting to clear up, uneven tones are disappearing all over...can't wait to see how it is in 3 months!! I love this Manifesting Vibration e-book! I feel so free inside. I actually felt my heart area open up, like it just expanded and was filling up! I feel so good....I can't wait to start manifesting my dream body and ideal career. THANK YOU!!!!" ~Roshawn, Buffalo, NY

"From the time I started reading The 8 Habits, I felt as if this was especially printed for me. Each sentence was to the point, without beating around the bush. Condensed Wisdom in 257 pages of power packed, easy to read, information every person should have laminated to keep for Life. The Book we all have been searching for. A must Read! A KEYS TO LIFE BOOK!" ~Tommy Lee, Tyler, Texas.

"I just received your E-book today and have been reading it and right now, all I can say is WOW... HOW ENLIGHTENING!!! I am actually finding myself getting more enthusiastic and excited as I read each page!!! I have dozens of books, CDs and downloads of "How to's" on manifestation and none of them seemed to affect me the way this one does. I love chapter 2!! It never dawned on me, that being an active participant in this way, is essential to raising the energy vibrations to manifest my goals that much quicker!! This isn't just about being proactive, this much, much more. I am so glad that I decided on getting these books. This is a great beginning and believe or not, while reading these books, I have already begun to feel energetically connected to the Universe, and that it had been waiting for me to finally make contact!! I just wanted to let you know this. Even though I just started reading the e books, I am amazed at what I have learned. Thank you so very much for sharing this for all to attain!! I'll be talking to you again, I'm sure." ~ J.D., Anchorage Alaska

"Thank you ever so much for your help, much appreciated! I did the Money Magnet meditation earlier today and just loved the feeling it gave me. In a few minutes I am doing another one! Thank you for a very well written and very easily understood 'manual'. You are without a doubt working miracle in people's lives! I'll keep you posted on the progress! With Love, Thanks and Gratitude!" ~ Lotta Lindh, Cornwall, United Kingdom

"The Manifesting program has helped me see things about myself, and obstacles to my meditation. The last chapter, 'Mastering Day to Day Reality' helped me a lot, thank you! I was able to become more grounded. That got rid of so much tension. This is helping my self realization. I'm really happy with the Manifesting Program! I've manifested new friends and people who can help me on my path. For example, I manifested a (guy) friend who has more experience with women who is helping me meet more women and date. My confidence has improved. It has also helped me manifest women friends who can help me with relationships too." ~B. L. Florence, Kentucky

"Thanks again for your E-book! I am almost done reading it now, and I just loved it. I just think the North American people needs those kinds of inspiration books. That’s where the real “freedom” is…inside each and every one of us, it just take a little effort to go inside and connect to it. And best of all, your E-book is in simple plain English that anybody can understand. There are also the practical habits to be put into action right away, so it’s not just intellectual matter but, real life practical stuff that one can integrate easily to his or her life. Congratulation again, to you Jafree and Margot for this beautiful piece of work. Wish you much success with it. Sending a big virtual hug to you both. Many many blessings." ~Pierre, New Hampshire

"I found Jafree while searching the web in the most serendipitous way. He was exactly what Spirit ordered for my life. I have been working with him for over a year and he has caused me to grow by leaps and bounds. A calm, insightful, intuitive man he has become my guru and my friend" ~Glen McDaniel, Chattanooga, TN

"Jafree, is truly an enlightened being and a master coach. The many discoveries I have made since working with him (even after 30 years of being in the New Age movement) have been remarkable. I am letting go of numerous work addictions that I have been struggling with for years. Suddenly, they are just easily slipping away moment by moment. Although, I knew most of this information intellectually, I am now experiencing it on a cellular level. It is an awesome experience. Thank you, Jafree!" ~Natalie Helms, Corporate Training Facilitator, New York, NY.

"I had gone thru several "programs" prior to my one-on-one with Jafree and they just didn't seem to make much of an impact. I was experiencing some pretty major obstacles in my life when I was lead to Jafree. We did a sample session and he was able to help me feel better in just that one session, so I signed up for a month of coaching (which lead to another!!)....and boy was I in for a surprise:-) It wasn't about setting goals and "doing" a lot of physical actions...he taught me how I am a "head" person....and to get out of my own way by BEING not DOING:-) To stay in my heart and belly, where I truly exist. To this day, I revert back to what Jafree told me when I am feeling frustrated, worrisome, etc and I go to that special place of peace and love and I feel centered and balanced when I do. I truly believe Jafree is a spiritual coach beyond anyone I have experienced (dare I say "Angel":-) I would highly recommend his talents to anyone and I truly thank him for the help he gave me in becoming aware of who and what I truly am." ~BW, Evansville, IN

"You are an inspiration and I'm grateful that my life is being touched by your enlightening presence. You have opened up many 'blocked channels' that is allowing me to take a different outlook on how I think, observe, and accept things in and into my life. I am becoming more and more aware of so many wonderful and exciting things. Thank you so much. You are a gift from God." ~James S. McKenzie, Belmar, NJ.

“In all my many years of professional work I have never read anything that touches my heart as much as your articles, your Enlightened Messages. Viewing your picture online it was hard to "believe that one so young could come forth with so much wisdom. It's rooted deep in spirituality/soul language and common sense... and much more which I can't even articulate. I have attempted to express how much I look forward to your articles and words are not enough! Again, thanking you for sharing the gift that you are to so many people throughout the world!” ~Rita Schilling ASC

"Within 2 weeks of going to the blue room, using the tools that he taught me, I manifested something in such a short time, that I never thought would've taken place....these guys are incredible!!! ~Scott A. Boulder, CO

"I really, really, REALLY love the lessons and the Super Manifestor Package. I am in the midst of reading the Manifesting Manual everyday, and it is so excellently written that I get SO excited to read it everyday!! It has inspired me to keep a journal with me ALL of the time now, especially for taking notes on the perfectly laid out, detailed secrets and keeping them with me. These secrets are purely beautiful and I am so forever grateful to you and the Universe that you sell these products... AND that I came across them! My life IS changing. I feel so empowered and so enlightened already! I. love. it!!!" ~Kenza Kadmiry, Sherman Oaks, CA

"The most unusual thing is that when I pick up a chapter in your manifesting manual, every part of my being begins to vibrate as if I just plugged into the Universe!" ~Morgan, Boston, MA.

"Your way of expressing these concepts always attracts me, and nothing, but nothing compares with it-- the tone, the depth of spirituality, I can't put it into words. Your Manifesting Manual is something I can read over and over and soak up. I am in process of making the routine a solid part of my life, and it has made a difference! I LOVE your 12 meditations too! I know I am a different person after 9 months with Super Manifestor, and in process of continued positive change! You deserve accolades every day of the year! Keep on with everything, and as we say in Spanish, "ANIMO!" Lots of love and every blessing to you both." ~Diane Abbott, Spain.

"Through reading the Manifesting materials, meditating, and application, I am living all the time in expectation of my heart's desires being fulfilled and this really blows my mind. I am a novice but look what is happening!

1. I am losing inches off of my waist and my stomach is flattening without exercising.
2. My personal relationship is rekindling in a more authentic way.
3. My business is thriving at a faster pace than before.
4. My emotional, psychological, and mental factors are improving day by day.
5. My spiritual path is active and strong as I am loving God more and more.
6. My energy level is up, up, and up.

Out of all of my miracles number 7 is the best. I am no longer a victim and for that I say thank you Jafree for blessing us all! Much love. ~Muriel Walker, Gainesville, Florida

"I am so excited to share my unbelievable manifesting experience after just three weeks on your manifesting program! I am in sales and I just started new job a couple of months ago. It is a very pressured environment and time is of the essence for closing deals at a small company. I had been working on a competitive opportunity, but they continuously expressed in all of our meetings that nothing could happen until 2006, which is forever in sales. We set up a lunch meeting with the key stakeholders to see if we could be creative in somehow getting them to move a little faster. The night before the big meeting I did Jafree's ”Blue Room Meditation” and asked them to agree to choosing us, doing the deal now and buying the software for the entire organization. I had written down everything that I wanted them to agree to before I did the meditation. It was the first time I have tried the “Blue Room Meditation” and it was a very powerful experience. When we arrived at the meeting we could not believe what we were hearing because they said we have chosen you, we want to buy everything and we want to do the contracts right now. I have been selling for 25 years and have never experienced this kind of major shift in a prospect before! What a miracle to be able to manifest this kind of outcome! To say the least my boss was very surprised when I showed him the agreement in my notebook that had been written the night before!! I am forever grateful for your powerful, practical program and your ability to share this message. Bottom line... the deal was worth a $50,000 commission check! What a gift of wisdom and knowledge that you have given all of us." ~Love and blessings, Laura. W. Dana Point, CA (August 31st, 2006)

”You are Amazing! This year it has been so difficult for me, I lost my job, I was feeling so blue and the only thing that really helped me was to keep reading your beautiful messages and they really help me to keep stand and fighting! You meant A LOT to me! I want to show my gratitude for being in my life when I felt so lonely. I wish you the best and again thank you thank you so much! Send you a BIG hug!” ~Elizabeth Hernandez

Hi Jafree, j ust to let you know that you are an amazing writer. You are among of the best soul teachers. You have a way to describe things that make it easy. I always wait for your daily messages as help me to keep going! Thanks! ~Claudia Gutierrez

Am so grateful from the depths of my heart for all the messages and thank God for such a blessing Team. You are God sent and as always when I see Enlightenment Message on my inbox there is always joy inside of me. Thank you so many times, you have inspired thousands of hearts in our universe tremendously and thank you as I can't think of another word for thank you. This year has been a hard year for me but I sailed through with your massages as guide which encouraged me to move on. I am now looking forward for a prosperous 2013 with all the enlighten beings together as we are all one, no matter which part of this beautiful Universe we live in. Wish you all a very Merry Christmas with lots of love and thank you for everything. ~Maria

I just did the blue room meditation and all I can say is WOW. I have been receiving you email messages for awhile now and they have been an important part of my spiritual growth. Thank you for being here. ~Toni Joyner

Dear Enlightened Friend Jafree Ozwald, I really appreciate your efforts, and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, of the secrets of living good life, God had bestowed upon you. I read about you, and wish your late father to rest in perfect peace. I am also glad for the opportunity, given to me on a platter of gold, to be part of the enlightened family, and also get paid! Since the universe is ready to give me anything that i want, i am equally open to receive it . And i will feel, loved, fulfilled, succeed, great, overcome, and a champion, being a winner will be an understatement . I will be with you till the end of time, my words are my bounds. Very sincerely yours , Yusuf Wasiu. Lagos State, Nigeria, West Africa

Again Jafree you have found a way to inspire me and broaden my experience in the flesh! Thank you so much. May you have a blessed day and a most amazing Holiday season. ~ Francine Colangelo

Thank you Jafree! This was awesome and truly got through to me I'm really starting to get this stuff... it's like every day little miracles are happening to me aand its all making sense...I am getting really lucky in so many ways that I feel like my dreams really are possible and will come true.. it's amazing!!!!!! Anything, yes anything is possible and I'm believing it! I dream really big, so here it goes.... ~ Angie Yablonski

Dear Jafree, Thanks again for your liberating words of wisdom. Once again the timing is perfect for me to receive this. It is to my amazement and gratitude at how far I have come in finding peace in all things. Let me just say I am in a much better place this time around to do what I need to for my self and others. Thank you so much for your divine words of wisdom. I feel like they are personally written for me. As I read each one I am covered with a shimmering wave of spirit bumps. May your Universal Truth, Love and Light... continue to expand and may the fruit of your labor bless you richly! Bless you and your staff. Love and Light, Azell :))))

The very first words that fell out of my mouth as I read your email were........you sweet darling. I thank you so much. Your messages have become most welcome, nurturing and empowering part of my life. I am grateful to and for you. May your days be in ease. In light and love, ~Kazine

Hello Jafree, Does the name look familiar? You did an Akashic record reading for me in July of 2004. To this day Jafree I have listened to it over and over and I thank you for showing me some things that I would've ever known about myself. I try to practice what was told me on my Akashic reading that reading included letting go of thoughts that have snared me for quite sometime and letting go of these "fanaticizing" thoughts that have been with me ever since child hood. I plan on requesting another one as soon as I have the funds. Like I've said Jafree, I've enjoyed listening to the recording over and over and doing more and more meditation also. Thank-you Jafree with much Love and appreciation. ~John Schulze Jr.

Hello Jafree! It is wonderful to contact you. First I would like to thank you for your wonderful materials that have truly enlightened and changed me and my life. You cannot understand have grateful I am for them as they have truly brought me back from a dark place in my life. Second, I love your manifesting meditations. I was able to overcome an awful financial situation with there help and I see them as wonderful tools for creating the correct state for manifestation. I have learnt so much about manifesting from them. Your 'Manifesting an abundance of money' meditation is very useful as it allows you to identify and release limiting beliefs. And I can tell you that it allowed me to exactly that. I was wondering if it wasn't too much trouble if you could create a similar one for releasing limiting beliefs and ideas about manifesting love. As I have recently downloaded your Love mantra meditation I think both combined could quite powerfully amplify the manifestation and allowing of unconditional love in ones life. With Gratitude, ~Jake Wright

Hi Jafree, your emails make my day. Thank you. I feel all the structures around me falling away and am letting them go...ah...sometimes I find myself holding on and grasping for a plan...but there's no plan...other than to let go. This is the first time I am ready to be free of everything and truly open to the Divine. It feels scary and exciting! 100% trust, beautiful. Ok. Why not? I am a wild flower. Open, receptive, beautiful and strong. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Om Shanti, LeeAnn Kendall

Dear Jafree, I just want you to know that each night before I fall asleep I thank SPIRIT and the UNIVERSE for putting your first e-mail in my path on my computer on January 23, 2011 … a year ago. Since then I have been feasting on your every word, fully aware that the messages must come from SPIRIT. You really are an ENLIGHTENED HUMAN!! I have told hundreds of people about your website and your gift of wisdom. I marvel at how your messages just flow like water from a faucet or might I say the ocean. Where does it come from Jafree? Do you stay up all night writing those articles. I want you know to that I tell everyone about your wonderful articles and Manifesting Program. I purchased it about 5 month ago and I am devouring every word of it. Your words speak to me and touch my heart strings more than any other guru’s works and I have many I listen to and read . Again, thank you for the gift of yourself to me and to so many others who benefit from your wisdom and the gift you have of sharing it the way in which you do. Nine more days until you take off for Australia. I hear that’s beautiful country. Surrounded and immersed with that view from day to day should inspire you to write more ENLIGHTENED ARTICLES!! I leave you Jafree with the words of one of my favorite poets, as you travel a new silence goes with you. And if you listen, you will hear what your heart would love to say. A journey can become a sacred thing. Make sure, before you go, to take the time to bless your going forth. To free your heart to ballast so that the compass of your soul might direct you toward the territories of SPIRIT where you will discover more of your hidden life, and the urgencies that deserve to claim you. May you travel in an awakened way gathered wisely into your inner ground that you may not waste the invitations which wait along the way to transform you. May you travel safely, arrive refreshed,and live your time away to its fullest;Return home more enriched, and free to balance the gift of day which calls you. Love and Blessings be yours, ~Rita Schilling, ASC

Dear Enlightened Beings, Thank you for these continued uplifting inspiring messages that you spread and belows message was so appreciated and a reminder of what is possible. Thanks Jafree and team, this needs to be taught so much, this pure high vibration and energy. I am doing the best I can too, what you do helps so much. Blessings and Abundance, ~Pippa

Hi Jafree, I completed my Money Magnet Manifesting Gift- 12 day course. I thank you very much for an exceedingly exciting and enlightening experience. I am yet to discover my purpose as you promised it would have been revealed to me. Somehow it eluded me :) maybe for a good reason and another season :). I enjoyed every day of it and hope this is not the abrupt end to something so wonderful. I will eventually subscribe to the Secret Manifesting Formula, but in the meantime I just wondered if there is something to work on with your group. Every day I recorded my cheque amount and my spending and today (day 12) I summed it up to One billion, eight hundred and eighty-four million, seven hundred and forty-eight thousand dollars ($1,884,748,000.! With that sum of money I will contribute to healing the world, especially in the area of education. Thank you very much and all the best in your endeavors. ~Donna

Hi Mr Jafree Ozwald! This is Sarfraz Latif from Pakistan. "Giving to Get verses Giving to Give" is one of the most inspiring messages you've sent to me so far. This whole article just awed my whole mind, body and soul, and really helped me to decide my approach towards things and people I'm not happy about right now. Thanks very very much for enlightening me and many others. Best of luck on your journey to enlightening the whole world with your precious thoughts and ideas. God bless you always! Thanks! ~Sarfraz

This is so very beautiful! Thanks for saying yes to the call of your Soul, and for touching the lives and hearts of countless beings. I am one of those, and I appreciate you, Jafree. Gratefully, Taylor Stevens

Guess what bro??!!! I have already been given a huge contract to supply timber!!! This just came in through a phone call while i have been meditating every night!!! They also want to give me another contract of supplying Agricultural Produce and Cereals!!! Just a phone call no energy used in trying to Market just focusing and meditating and i just came to my lap!!! You are simply AMAZING JEFF!!!. I have no words to describe the FEELING!!! Sending lots of love and Blessings!!! ~Nicholas Njoroge

I am about a week out from completing your 90 day Manifesting program and am so happy. I set up a personal, financial, business, physical, and relationship goals in addition and can't believe the changes. Besides making leaps and bounds towards the goals, I'm most happy about my attitude and state of mind. Everything seems so easy now. If I need something, I just ask for it, go about my business, and somehow it shows up. I also look at the world and people differently. It's now very fun to make a game out of trying to see what I can do to help anyone in my presence. I am creative anyways, so it's fun trying to figure out what special thing I can do related specifically for them. I have also been having strange "psychic-like" occurrences. Everybody has the time where a thought of someone pops in your head, and then they call. Well, I have had that happen over and over, by phone, in person, by text, and by email. If it was once I'd blow it off, but this is multiple times and there is no gap in how long it takes. I actually received a text from one person, even before the thought that I needed to contact them had finished in my head. Trippy! The strangest occurrence was last week when I was at work and a song popped in my head that I know I haven't heard for 20 years. It would not leave and stayed for about three hours. At the end of the day, on my way home, I turned on the radio and the second song that came on was that song. Some people may say it was coincidence, but I know that I am actually getting in touch with the actual reality/energy that's all around us and it's showing up in strange ways letting me know that I'm on the right path and that life will be absolutely incredible when you live in awe of our true essence and allow it to work through you without judging and letting your ego try to run things. Thank you! ~Troy Wahlbrink

Wow! I am amazed, your program gave me the greatest gift ever...myself!! Who I now love and adore. And then everything else fell into place, my health, vitality, peace, love, abundance!!!! Thank you!! You are part of my heart. ~Brenda B.

Jafree, I want you to know that for the past several years, I've been reading your articles. And I cherish them very much. I love the reminders, the insights, the reflections. They've been very useful and I know that they are deeply embedded in my heart. Years ago, I bought your manifesting program and found much value in it. And I still do. But, I don't always use what I know. I feel stuck in my life right now and feel deeply heartbroken and hopeless. Sometimes I even feel without purpose. I understand that these are just thoughts and feelings that I go through. It's been challenging for me. On the one hand, I understand the law of attraction very well and on the other hand, I still am stuck in my ways. I'm not really sure why I'm writing you. Maybe it's because I've been feeling really angry lately and then all of a sudden I received your email about transforming anger into love. Just reading the title instantly made me smile. This has happened on several occasions. It feels like your articles are sent just for me. Also, I think I'm writing because I want you to know that I hear you. You keep sending these beautiful words and I've never said anything back. I just want to thank you for the love that you are. For the love that you believe in. And the love that leads you. Thank you for the services that you offer. Thank you for your strength. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for the reminders. Thank you for your heart and your goodness. Thank you for having the courage to write the manifesting manual years ago. Thank you for following your heart. Thank you for all of it. I just want you to know that I appreciate you and value your goodness. It does make a difference. It does. ~John DeMola

Jafree, about five years ago you did an Akashic reading for me. One of the things you mentioned is that I had lived on the Hawaiian islands in a previous incarnation. You suggested I should spend some time there, especially the Big Island. Well beyond my wildest dreams I live in Kailua Kona today! I feel like I am finally home. Your suggestion was a factor in my "Putting it out there to the universe" and here I am living the kind of life I never knew I wanted. Thank you so much! Blessings to you. ~Melinda

Jafree, as a student of perfect works of art-esoteric and exoteric, lifelong student of metaphysics and internal transformation via Kundalini yoga, on and one—I can say this with authority: your messages you send out re TOP of the LINE. Thanks! Keep up the great work. Warmest regards, Blake

After a few years' receiving these messages via email I want to thank you in a big way for sharing wisdom with the world! They've been and continue to be an inspiration to me since a friend first forwarded one on to me. Please do keep sending out the good vibrations! :-) Sincerely, S. O’Shea, Ireland

Hi Jafree, Just wanting to thank you for sharing your soul and all of the beautiful writings you send out to us. They always touch my heart and spirit so deeply and profoundly. No one else speaks to me the way you do. So, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!! Much love and gratitude, Careena

Hi, its so wonderful to know that our lives can improve with the power of our peaceful minds! I am practicing the quiet mind and open heart right now and can't tell you how much better I feel already. Will download more when can afford to, thanks so much for sharing this with us. ~Sharon West

Just a quick note to say thank you for the work you are doing. I believe your project is having quite a profound effect on my life. I'm grateful, thanks...Keep up the deep work... ~Madi Hollingsworth

I just want to thank you for the valuable free messages I get from you daily. You not only promote your products but at the same time, you give inspiring and precious messages that alone can change people's lives. May God return your good deeds in manifolds. ~Serena

Dear Jafree, Thank you very much for your Enlightening Messages For Your Soul. I receive them regularly and in time. In the last one you ask me if I can describe my heart's greatest desire. Fortunately, I am not interested in any material thing in our physical world. My greatest dream is to be able to see that shining energy centre in the human brain that indicates when one tells lies. I can`t stand lies in any form! As I usually explain, this is "a program of antibodies in my blood", something deeply lying in my pure and wise soul. My dream is to fight against lies as a mentalist. That's why I need to see that indication in the brain, and something more - to receive from the Universe all the information about the nature of lie and its consequences for human health on cellular level. Welcome to Bulgaria, Jafree, that is my country! Welcome to Sofia, my city! Welcome to our amazing mountains and winter resorts! Welcome to the Black Sea Coast! Best regards,~Emilia G., Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear Jafree, I would just like to Thank You for all the wonderful and enlightening information and affirmations that you so freely share... It has helped me tremendously and on many occasions has been so in sync with what has been going on in my life. Many of these things are reminders to me that I have forgotten, some are new ways to deal with things and others are just truly heart warming. So it is with much love and humble gratitude to you that I send this letter to let you know that you are making such a huge difference in many lives and the comfort it brings is immensely heart warming. Once again Jafree, Thank You and may many blessings constantly surround you, and yours always for the unselfish time you give to shine a light were there is darkness. Namaste, Jhanene Carmody

Love you Jafree! You're the Coolest just like your wonderful Brilliant Books and Fantastic Courses, Your enlightened manifestor course is the real Coolest Practical Aladdin's Lamp 's for today's world. You are one of the great masters who help people with mighty goodness and a Glorious spectrum of divine empowering Powerful light. Heartful Wishes and Wishful Regards, Jagjit Singh (India)

You know, there is something really incredible that happens with your messages. Every message I receive from the Enlightened Manifestor is literally like an echo of something I am refining in my life at that exact moment. It's literally every time and I think that's really just amazing. I mean synchronicity, we feel it all the time, the Universe sends us messages and validations but your messages, it's like side by side with what I am living. It's really amazing, I never lived such a synchronistic constant reoccurring event from a single source. It's just astonishing. I just think that's incredible. I thought it'd be nice for you to know that your messages are contributing to the magic in my life. Just witnessing that, has helped me build a more profound and in depth belief in myself and in my manifestation ability. This Universe is really just incredible, honestly. Happy continuous wisdom and freedom living. Lesley Love D'Andrade

Hi Jafree! Just wanted to let you know that your messages lately have been beyond amazing. Your words truly keep me in alignment with all the love and trust that I am practicing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. I am so very grateful. Love and Light, Robbie

I would like to thanks you Jafree to guide me so fare in perfect way, and say I enjoy this program every day more than when I started it, it help me a lot and I keep searching. I have the answer to who I am and where I m going to. Thank you again and many blessings to you! ~THIERRY AHANDA

Dear Jafree, I know i manifested this by asking "how can I help". I really love your guided audio meditation it really speaks to me this is how I see and feel the manifestation process. Thanks, Maria

I just wanted to say how much I love all the meditation tapes and how much they have helped me relax when I get stressed. I also listen to them in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. So wonderful and useful and they came at such a perfect time in my life. The universe really does takes care of us by sending people like you! Aloha from Hawaii, Heidi Smith

Normally I wouldn't reply but I don't know if you are reading my mind or whether this is a generic email - but this message is uneerily relevant to the fact that I had a soul/aura reading done (via email) and an old wound was brought up in relation to blocking my abilities and I needed to stop blocking my gifts by letting my intuition and not my head (logical) control it and block the freedom of it. I had no idea how to do it and you have supplied the answer. I love to write and I haven't for so long and even though I don't know which particular part of my life this blockage is from this has given me confirmation that I should start writing again and in what way. I'm not one that usually receives information so relevant and connected and with an actual answer to assist - I normally help everyone else, heal them, teach and guide (with my knowing and not knowing how I know what I know but I just do (lol)). SO THANK YOU - you have no idea what this has done for me. ~ Juanita Purvis

I am so surprised how easily my list of 30 Ways That Life is Awesome came to mind for me! I've been feeling so negative lately and feeling like so many things are going wrong, but my 30 ways have made me feel so much better! Thank you Jafree! ~ Karrie Droske

Jafree, your emails always come to me at just the right time. Thank you for sharing your light with us all. Namaste, Veronica

Hi! I just want to thank you for the free Magic Mantra Meditation I received yesterday. This is really wonderful 'stuff', I can't wait to listen to it again. Absolutely great and I'm sure this will work miracles in time being since after first session I'm already feeling so amazing!!! Thank you again, God bless you! ~ Satu

Hi Jafree, I just want to say 'thank you" for all your GREAT work and insight, you are my best spiritual teacher so far. Many blessings, Lucy

I am soooo excited! Your presentation resonates in my very soul! Even before I get started I already know this is a transformational experience that I have been seeking for all of my life. I thank The Almighty Creator for blessing the world and the planet with the humble loving spirit of 'you'! Sincerely, Glenda

HI its Elizabeth here in Scotland UK. I just want to let you know that I have been doing the Master Manifestor Course for a few weeks. OMG the results are so amazing. I had always dreamed of touring Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland in a Motor home. Its always been my dream. I had went to visit a friend and she said that her husband was getting rid of his Motorhome. She knew I had been struggling with money and she said that they were giving me the Motorhome free. Not only that it is taxed and Mot for a year. Then I went to visit a relative and she handed me an envelope. She said not to open it till I got home. When I opened it there was £500.00. She had won money at the casino and had given me half. People coming and giving me gifts and presents. Thank you so much. I would recommend this course to anyone. ~Love and light. Elizabeth McInnes.

Hello Jafree, thank you so much for all the Messages, they have given me hope and a New way of looking at Things, I felt Lucky to receive them I really wish I could subscribe some more as you deserve it.....even though you are welcome to share my feedback With others and I will recommend Your services to my friends. Love and abundance to you. Good Luck! Heidi

Dear Jafree, I have been reading your enlightened messages from your soul for over a year now. They resonate so deeply and touch me so much. I am inspired to share my deepest gratitude for your presence, your love, and your connectedness to all that is, was and shall be. Your love pours unconditionally out into the world through your words, your giving, and your personal relatedness to the "getting and living" of the content you deliver is felt. The impact you have on me is profound, and I hold your insights in my heart. A simple "Thank you" is not doing your work and your love justice. I am living on the other side of the world in Botswana, and you are right here with me just as your thoughts -that live on the page-entwine with my spirit. Time and distance become non-linear as I pick up my mail and read your writings each and every time. Blessings, warmth, gratitude, and love to you.
With heart and soul- Thea Khama

Hi Jafree, I was laid off in May 2008 from one of the major law firms in New York City and when this happened without any advance warning (and I am still unemployed) I made up my mind that my primary focus would be to learn to manifest my prosperity by using the power of my mind. Thank you for your wonderful messages which are so inspiring! ~ Phemie

I just wanted to say Thank-you Jafree for the messages that you have been sending me I've been really uplifted. I've been listening to the Akashic record reading that you done for me 9 years ago, boy how time flies by! it was about being in mindfulness, equanimity learning to let go of every thought, thing, feeling and so on. I'm learning to or practicing this. I guess you might say learning to be a Monk again...lol but I learn more each time I listened to it. I've noticed that when I do meditate my psychic senses get stronger.....Cool! But anyway thanks again Jafree have a great day!!!! ~ John S

Hi! My name is Heather and I have come across your website twice when I have googled about juice fasting. I am beginning my 21 day plan today and I'm beyond excited. I am using the next 21 days to deepen my spiritual path and to heighten frequency. I am a firm believer in manifesting and raising our frequency. Over the past two years I've had some amazing experiences that have shifted my consciousness and made me look at life entirely different! It's been AMAZING! I just want to say thank you for your website and all of the information you've shared. I wish you much Love and many blessings on your journey! :) ~ Heather

Just thought I'd drop a line to let you know how much I really appreciate receiving your Enlightened Messages. Not only do they articulate what I have been learning myself, creating such a sense of joy in me to know that others are making the same loving completions of their own souls growth but also just reading them has manifested a better life for me. So, thank you so much Jafree for taking the time to write, share and smooth the road for many weary travelers. Many blessings of love to you too. ~ Jhanene

Dear Loved Ones, I am so grateful to have stumbled into your web site which is by Divine Order. I see these writings as meant for me. THANK YOU,Paul

Hello there! Obviously you don't know me. But to me it's different. I recently stumbled upon your website while browsing and surfing and I subscribed. Everyday I get a message from you, sometimes short and sometimes long, and now I feel like as if I know you. As if you're talking to me and I'm talking to u! I just wanted to send u this short email to thank u for them. Reading them makes me feel so good and so much better. I still haven't bought the super manifestation package yet, but I'm hoping after I save up I will do so... just going through a rough patch now but I really want to get it so bad so maybe by end of dec/jan I will do so! If your emails do so much I can't imagine what the package would do! So thank you for ringing joy to this world. Thank u for making people be at ease and peace with themselves. You are an amazing being. A radiation of positive energy, so strong that I can feel it all the way across the globe! You are amazing, what you do is great and your emails are such a day's delight (and life's as well). Keep them coming! Wishing u a day and lifetime of happiness and positivity!! ~ Bechara Samneh

Hi, I thank you so much for this timely message. I have always learned to forgive those who have wronged or hurt me to free myself and worked at soul level to forgive. I was just asking the Almighty in my heart to give me confirmation that when you forgive yourself and others you are freeing yourself and everything happens at divine timing. This message came to me at perfect timing. I love reading your articles. Thank you very much. Love and light. ~ Chandrika

Your program and emails are some of the best things that have come into my life. Thank you so much. I have struggled through my life with one thing after another ...from being born in an unwed mothers home, going through an abusive childhood then going through very abusive marriages, having an accident that has left me in severe chronic pain and so on. I have never given up. I have searched and studied and done all I can to believe I'm a good and kind person...because I am. And all through it I've written and written ...longing to one day share my own writing and help others. When my fourth marriage ended I felt I could not go on, but I have and I am determined to over come this daily pain. I won't take pain killers. So I'm strengthening my core, swimming, and having massages. My huge hurdle ... I know it sounds silly...is learning to manage technology. Some days I can hardly think straight because of the pain (the surgeon fused my spine and put steel rods in my back). That's when I became a Master Herbalist, Holistic nutritionist, Hypnotherapist, etc. However, I remained in a controlling abusive marriage I was still far from empowered and have in large part given my life away, not feeling I have any power or way to move forward. Your meditations have been a huge blessing to help me through things. This morning I was feeling very sad for myself. Somehow, I felt, I'm always left out of things. I have many people who love me but I still feel that I am not included... of course that's my fierce independent spirit that has tried to pretend I don't need anyone...then sought for unhealthy relationships.... Pretending I was doing fine....pretending I didn't need others, yet always codependently looking after others. Not any more. I still want to serve and to give but in a healthy way. And even though I still haven't completely overcome all I want to ...I WILL. And I know that everything is here just to move me into love. Not only will I overcome them...I want you to know how much it helped me to open my email and read 'Judge Nothing.' I get to rest in the understanding that all things are divinely orchestrated. I get to fill my life with tremendous gratitude. I get to be in the best time of my life. With much love and many blessings to you. Thank you, Kasandra S

I just wanted to say Thank You. Your emails are such a blessing in my life. Every time I receive one, I read it and it just makes me feel connected to something bigger. It transforms me, shifts something inside or just simply makes my sometimes difficult circumstances better. I was actually spending another Christmas alone and today's Enlightened Message made me feel at peace. Thank you again and Happy Holidays. ~J.K., from Canada

Hi, thank you for all messages, energy and special vibration. Wish you an easy winter and special time. Blessings and light, Linda

"I am only on the 6th chapter of your Manifesting Vibrations book and already have seen some exciting results. Have been involved for more than 20 years with spiritual development courses. Each one has helped me along the way. But your book in which I feel a great intensity from you and Margot will definitely push me towards my ultimate goal---full awakening in this time of my life. You and Margot are doing such a wonderful service to those of us who need a gentle push and guidance on our spiritual paths. Am overjoyed with this and can’t wait to go further in your book. With humility and great appreciation." ~Cindy Northardt, Lakeville, MA

"I get such a good start on my mornings and have much more will-power to maintain a daily exercise routine (not very long or tiring but energizing!) throughout the day that my body is feeling and functioning healthier and stronger than ever! I've really never felt this good, even in the past when i used to work out ALOT for NOTHING! It seems almost effortless I can't even make sense of how amazing it is." Michael, Montreal, QC.

"You reflect one of best of the true spiritual wealth of India. Your work is so significant to humanity in today's age; that collaborating with you for your work is like adding mileage to the very purpose of being human. Hence there is no my to my words. It is the universal spirit which makes me recognize and identify with those wavelengths which drive the soul towards the Super Soul. You will find me always by your side in the highest spirit which links us." Best Wishes, ~Manish, Mumbai, India

"I have read through your Manifesting Vibration manual already and I must say of all the other material I have read on the same subject, yours is absolutely the most clear, free flowing, concise, and very informal "how to" product I've read!!! By just reading and taking notes of the various "choices" of exercise to implement on a daily basis, has made me very excited. I feel like I can do this, stick to it, and enjoy it! If you guys have anything else to share with the world please do!" ~Pamela Boney, Brooklyn, N.Y.

"Been reading the manifesting manual..slowly...it's really amazing! Definitely the most complete and thorough source on manifesting I have found...it's reconfirmed so much!" ~Tariq Saleem

"I must start by saying how much I'm enjoying, "The Manifesting Manual - How to Raise your Manifesting Vibration!" I just can't get enough of it. I have printed a copy so that every spare moment I have is spent reading this incredible information!" ~Ken Goat, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Your style of meditation is the most colorful and the voyages guided by your kind voice are great. I have even used the "tube" part of the blue room to stop the neighbor's dogs from barking. It works just about all of the time so Thanks!" ~Phil, Hightstown, NJ

"The e-book on Raising Your Manifesting Vibration is absolutely wonderful. It is excellent, a pleasure to read, and extremely delicious to take in! Comparisons to other things I have read and listened to about manifesting would not even begin to describe your work. Yours is unique and it covers so much, effortlessly, that I can read it again and again, and get more each time. Many thanks and blessing to you both." ~ Janet Ford, Redondo Beach, CA

"I purchased the 90 Day Manifesting Program and am digesting every single page of it. It is certainly one of the most important investments I made in my life! It is incredibly inspiring. Thank you for manifesting it! If I could put it into one single phrase I could say that I had been looking for this exact type of reading all my life. Thanks for reminding of how great I am and inspiring me. I have already hugged and kissed the books many times as a way of expressing my gratitude for having it in my hands and for the amazing pleasure and love for life and for myself it makes me feel!" ~Love, Carla Proença, Portugal

"Thank you for your amazing Manifesting Program! With so many wonderful exercises it is hard to pinpoint exactly what turned my life around, but I get the sense that after using the manifesting mantra, "Quiet mind, open heart, relaxed being," I felt a tremendous shift in my awareness and consciousness that lead to some very wonderful manifesting in my life. Within the last two months of starting all of my daily meditation with this "magical mantra" I have manifested a new home, which me and my kids love, my list of clients has tripled--tripling my income, I have gotten thousands of dollars in referral fees and finally, my novel which had sat dormant for two years has began selling like hot cakes again online. Perhaps the most important aspect of using your program is the confidence, faith and inner peace which permeates every area of my life. I wake up every day, feeling plugged in and connected to my source and I have never been happier or more fulfilled with what I now create. Thank you so much for your program it is truly a blessing to the planet and anyone who is fortunate enough to have it!" ~ Sincerely, Eric S Lee, Colorado

"I purchased your 90 days manual a while back...I have never written to you before to thank you, and so I am doing this now. I have not yet read the whole manual, but it has brought me a lot of healing and divine teachings that have been helping me "grow" (for lack of a better word-actually there are no words to explain it i guess) and get through what the Universe is setting up for my current "version" of reality. I know you know this but I still want to tell you that your book is an amazing growing process for the mind body and spirit. Your book has an amazing vibration of it's own and raised my vibration/vitality/life/spirit/soul/chi or whatever one may call it just by reading a little bit at a time. I appreciate your work very very much. Knowing there are people out there like you guys who can answer the questions I have and give me the teachings I need is an amazing and reassuring and beautiful feeling. I don't care if I've never met you before, you've been a great teacher. I hope the rest of the book is just as juicy as what i have been able to receive so far. And keep sending the emails! Thanks, I am growing more everyday and I wish you all the peace and happiness and infinite love we are all made of." Sincerely, Michael, Montreal, QC.

"I cannot begin to tell you what you can accomplish if you have Jafree helping you get there. Let me just say “anything your heart desires". Last October I was trying desperately to get my financial life back on track and find the answers why I kept making fortunes and losing them. The end result was debt up to my uh…..eyeballs and the income gone. With Jafree's help, I am turning that around. In less than a year, I purchased and closed a personal property making a cool $127,000.00 profit!! I also have three more personal properties under contract to close this month! I have already earned more this year than I made in all of last year and I have 24 contracts closing within the next five weeks!! My financial life is certainly back on track and the good news is I am keeping on track. I am paying those debts down and I mean way down---not just making the required payment. It's great! My personal life is also on track and I am free again. I laugh more often...it feels good again. I have Jafree to keep my spirit soaring, my heart is grateful for all I am and all I am enjoying. Jafree taught me to believe in myself and my ability and to stay focused on the things and the way I want my life. Jafree does this with such a gentle understanding, loving heart and delightful playfulness. Jafree's belief that life is here for you to enjoy.... and is a great Master in teaching others how to do just that!" ~Sunny Williams, Georgia

"Your program is the blueprint for a new life. Thanks again!" ~Heather Byrne, Rochester, New York.

"I came to Jafree with love and surrender, he showed me what I am looking for is already inside, not to look further, just surrender to the now and be what you are meant to be. Jafree is a wonderful spirit, his loving heart extended to me, when I asked him to teach me, I felt his life expanded to mine and he put all his knowledge to work, and I felt that instant that realizing another soul and sharing the knowledge of existence is all what he lives for." ~ Mike Sobo, Insurance Sales, Detroit MI

"Jafree you are a great friend and trusted guide, and most of all brother on the path of life You were amazing today and I feel your creative coaching is unique because of your unique soul element. I deeply appreciate your time and personal caring touch. Thank you for helping me stay strong through these changes and stay grounded through these transitions. You made me aware of the power of the moment and helped me not to worry. I love you! Thank you for being so present and available." ~Elan Sunstar, Photographer and Entrepreneur, Lanikai, Hawaii

"What impacted me the most, absolutely, in speaking with you is your positive uplifting spirit and inspiring attitude about life! I want most of all to live my life with joy and passion, and not let myself get bogged down in feeling lonely and depressed, and you are an inspiration to me. I know I am strong, and I aspire to casting my burdens and being at peace in my own heart, but you seem to be there. When you speak it sounds like you could start laughing any second...what a great way to be! Bless you and your family and thanks for being such a cool person! I am really glad we met!" ~Luey Anderson, Suquamish WA, Accountant

"Jafree, the impact you have given my life is so deep, it is hard to express in words. With your gentle, guiding manner you showed me the way to find what is in my heart and how to manifest it. Then you taught me how to join the energy of heaven and of earth in my heart to ground and live in this bliss. I have learned to live each day in positive thoughts and gratitude. You taught me to choose a life of joy and peace and to stay out of the experience of suffering by staying in the present. When I look back, I can see my life has always been a magical journey. With your help, I now know that consciously and daily. Thank you for the beauty and joy that is a part of my life. Blessings to you, Jafree!" Carol Moyle, Executive Director, West Linn, OR

"Jafree came into my life at a time when I was struggling to rediscover my heart and my spirit. I was “recovering” from 3 years in the internet start up business and was burned out. Jafree allowed me to rediscover the passion in my heart for who I am, not who I thought I should be to survive. This rediscovering has led me to a more centered existence. Following the spiritual path with Jafree gave my life balance that had been lacking and more insight into those and myself I connect with daily. Thank you Jafree for your wisdom and gentleness as I travel the path to a more spiritual life." ~Mary Alyce, Life Coach, Denver, CO

"When I started coaching with Jafree, I was lost in a deep, dark rut of fear, depression, inactivity, and pain. Jafree showed me how to rise out of my "velvet rut" and how to start living consciously. His penetrating questions forced me to acknowledge my blocks, hang-ups, issues, and baggage. His compassionate coaching showed me how to embrace them then put them aside. The most important thing I got from Jafree's sessions is the realization that I am not my issues, I am an immortal soul on a journey. Many Blessings." ~Anhata Kaur Szotski, Springfield, MO

"Working with Jafree really helped me to define my goals and focus my attention more effectively. For the second quarter in a row I've far exceeded my previous earnings and met my financial goals! Every day suggestions or comments that Jafree made are a part of my conscious thought processes!" ~Lynn Mulcare, Boulder, CO.

"Jafree's intuition and technique is unique. Jafree was able to get to the root cause of the blocks in my life while showing me the path to true happiness. Amazing! In a few sessions we covered more ground than I had in the past 10 years with any coach, counselor or friend. Jafree helped me become unstuck and live life again! I have an awareness and a feeling of peace so strong I want to shout it to the universe! Thank you Jafree for your guidance, understanding, gentleness and faith. When the student is ready, the master will appear. If you have any questions, blocks, hints of holding back, call Jafree." ~ Louise S. Teacher, Health Consultant, Albuquerque, NM

"Jafree has a dynamic way to get the core of what a person needs and has an uncanny ability to accelerate growth and the process of living. His heart is in the right place: How can we all be more peaceful and aware people, and live intently. Try his free session as I believe you'll be more than pleasantly surprised." ~Greg Petri, Owner of 1BC, Louisville, CO.

"Jafree has a way of bringing out the spiritual side of our involvement and our purpose on the planet. It is a total transpersonal spiritual awareness that is created and yet very practical. He is truly a special person serving us during this special time of great transmutation for all on the planet. Much appreciation, Jafree, for your invaluable wisdom and patience!" ~Noreen Koga, Seattle, WA.

"Jafree is about discovering who we really are...he is truly a healing experience to the soul." ~Dana Kienzle - Hypnotist, Denver, CO

"Jafree helped me to get excited about my new business and clarify my goals. He helped me define a special niche in my market place. I am able to capitalize on this niche where most of the business in my field is already competitive and over saturated. Thanks Jafree for the help and ideas!" ~Trevor, Computer Technician, Boulder, CO

"If you need a real positive change in your life, I highly recommend Jafree as your personal coach and spiritual guide. Since being coached by Jafree, my whole perception of life and the Universe has changed. Jafree immediately cuts to the chase and helps you identify and remove those blocks in life which prevent you from growing and being that incredible soul that you really are. My interaction with and perception of other humans and the Universe has improved dramatically. I now look at life through a different lens. Jafree showed me that the Universe really is our mirror. After only my second session with Jafree I experienced an awakening of the Kundalini - a feeling of true bliss - I am happy now! Thank you my friend." ~Ron Therien, Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada

"I was often amazed at Jafree's uncanny ability to ask a question that got right to the heart of what was important, his intuition is a real gift, and is an extremely powerful tool that he is able to bring to his coaching. I am now less stressed, more balanced and happier. I started feeling fully alive and engaged in life towards my goals and dreams, no longer stuck. Thanks Jafree, your a star!" ~Kelly Sayers, Alchemy Coach and Healer, Perth, Australia.

"After working with Jafree, my life is full of peace and serenity. Every conversation with Jafree was one in which I could experience the power to take on situations in my life that once seemed too frightening. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to see life from an angle I never knew existed." ~Mildred Dejesus, Business Consultant, Life Coach.

"I had consulted with my physician, and no less than 6 other professionals about a lump in my throat that I had lived with, off and on, for over a year. I called Jafree for a healing session, and within 3 minutes he nailed the issue that had caused it and we've resolved most of it in less than two weeks." ~Linda Brakeall - Author, Public Speaker, Hawthorn Woods, IL.

"I just finished talking with Jafree and I'd say that he has the wisdom of a "Master's Master". He has a technique that is so easy, so simple and matter-of-fact. Here's a man that is re-connecting us back to our Creator. I feel Jafree helped me design a simple life in a confusing and technical time. Thank you for your deep questions, and simple solutions." ~Tommy Lee, Tyler Texas.

"Jafree has added so much to my life. I knew this young man had something I wanted and had been looking for, for a very long time...an awareness of the present and a deep peacefulness about his actions. He is very much awake and lives in the present. Jafree has many gifts. Whether it is the focusing on the present or the meditation techniques he gave me, my life is much more balanced, focused on joy and gratitude." ~Wink Barta - Sales Profressional, Boulder, CO.

"Jafree has been a wonderful coach for me, and has played a very important part in my recent success of losing 25 pounds! He is enthusiastic and inspiring, and helps you weed out the beliefs that tend to stand in the way of attaining your goals." ~Lisa S., Boulder, Colorado.

"Jafree's insights and encouragement have helped me stay focused on attaining goals that reconnect me to my dreams. He shows how easy it is to manifest the life you want by making simple, life-affirming changes." ~Neil Edwards, Erie, Colorado.

"Having Jafree as my personal coach has allowed me to laugh, cry, and grow. He is my spiritual guide, mentor and confidante." ~Michelle L. Casto - Author, Life Coach.

"I feel fortunate to have found Jafree. I feel very comfortable speaking with him. I feel he has a gift of knowing how to inspire and direct you towards manifesting what you want in your life. He started to coach me when I was dealing with the loss of a boyfriend who had abused me. Jafree supported me through that difficult period and helped me to move towards finding new men to date! Men who would be more of what I wanted in a relationship. I found over time that I was moving ahead. One of the most important parts of manifesting for me is the work on my mind and spirit. I found that it takes a lot of discipline over the mind and body through meditating and doing exercise every day in order to calm the mind and get it to be my ally. I think this is key and Jafree really emphasized how important it is. Thank you Jafree for all of your heart-felt support on my personal quest towards joy and pleasure." ~Susan Gebel, NYC

"Jafree connects to what is your most important and joyful needs at the time. He enabled me to shift my perceptions while feeling grounded." ~M.H.- Yoga Instructor Superior, CO

"In working with Jafree I have begun to see the world differently and trust my place in it. One of the biggest gifts I got from Jafree was a deep understanding...feeling of the power of being present. I have created a connection with myself and my body that gives me peace and comfort." ~Jamie McGarvey - MS, LCPC, Life Coach.

"Last week you gave the homework assignment to meditate, especially on the question of " Who am I?". You told me last night that I am an amazing, awesome being - and that this is what I am supposed to be doing. You advised me to no longer ask any questions this week...instead be curious about the Love in My Heart, Spaciousness and Timelessness. It is all amazing to me. I just had to let you know. Thank you so much for helping me." ~ Lynn Isham, Customer Service Representative, Lakewood, CO

"Being a Coach myself it was extremely rewarding to go for something I desired. Having my own personal Spiritual Coach. Spiritual Coaching is a niche unto itself. I am very grateful for having Jafree in my life as I develop my deepest desires. This experience will remain with me my entire life." ~B.Rozanski - Life Coach, New Jersey

"You are the wisest, most supportive being I know and your bag of goodies is indisputable (no limit). I am thankful and feel enriched and at peace. I also measure so much the progress that I made thanks to your help and sharp guidance. It's big. You've provided the links to Earth that I needed and you did it in you very unique and sparkling Jafree's way which I love!" ~N.K., Honolulu, Hawaii

"Thank you Jafree for your weekly contributions that I find to be very inspirational and loving. Your free coaching gift was gratefully welcomed and graciously received." ~Rhoni - Longmont, CO

"Jafree's clear headed insight and outside perspective, he helped me reconnect with my inner self. Instead of allowing myself to be controlled by situations and circumstances, that I had it in me to change the conditions I was unhappy with. To act on those feelings and that everything else would work itself out. I give Jafree credit for helping me back on my road to success by helping me realize those goals and desires without the sacrifices I was making. Without our 1 hour conversation, I might still be living in my delimit. If you find yourself on the horns of a delimit, or simply need to tear down some barriers to see what's on the other side, I highly recommend that you speak to Jafree Ozwald. It might be the best hour you've ever spent." ~ Ralph Young, Word of Mouth Marketing, Boulder, CO

"Calling Jafree for coaching was one of the smartest things I've ever done. He has inspired me so profoundly that my whole life has transformed. He showed me opportunities in my life and talents within myself that I didn't even know existed. His methods work! With Jafree, dreams become reality! I don't know where I'd be without him!" ~Avalon De Witt. Denver, CO

"Coach Jafree made me realize that we have the ability and the opportunity to lead happy and successful lives when we find the true essence of our being , when we are clear about our values and trust in the abundance of the Universe . He also made me realize that TRUE happiness and success come from within. I had a vague idea of what I wanted in Life because of the foundation I had in my upbringing. Now I know my purpose for living and how to integrate my life to be congruent with my values and visions. Thanks Jafree!" ~Mohammed A. Abdalla - Managing Director. Kenya, Africa.

Hi Jafree, Just to let you know that you are an amazing writer. You are among of the best soul teachers. You have a way to describe things that make it easy. I always wait for your daily messages as help me to keep going! Thanks! ~Claudia Gutierrez

I just did the blue room meditation and all I can say is WOW. I have been receiving you email messages for awhile now and they have been an important part of my spiritual growth. Thank you for being here. ~Toni Joyner

Again Jafree you have found a way to inspire me and broaden my experience in the flesh! Thank you so much. May you have a blessed day and a most amazing Holiday season. ~Francine Colangelo

It is wonderful to contact you. First I would like to thank you for your wonderful materials that have truly enlightened and changed me and my life. You cannot understand have grateful I am for them as they have truly brought me back from a dark place in my life. Second, I love your manifesting meditations. I was able to overcome an awful financial situation with there help and I see them as wonderful tools for creating the correct state for manifestation. I have learnt so much about manifesting from them. Your 'Manifesting an abundance of money' meditation is very useful as it allows you to identify and release limiting beliefs. And I can tell you that it allowed me to exactly that. I was wondering if it wasn't too much trouble if you could create a similar one for releasing limiting beliefs and ideas about manifesting love. As I have recently downloaded your Love mantra meditation I think both combined could quite powerfully amplify the manifestation and allowing of unconditional love in ones life. With Gratitude, Jake Wright

Your emails make my day. Thank you! I feel all the structures around me falling away and am letting them go...ah...sometimes I find myself holding on and grasping for a plan...but there's no plan...other than to let go. This is the first time I am ready to be free of everything and truly open to the Divine. It feels scary and exciting! 100% trust, beautiful. Ok. Why not? I am a wildflower. Open, receptive, beautiful and strong. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Om Shanti, LeeAnn Kendall

I completed my Money Magnet Manifesting Gift- 12 day course. I thank you very much for an exceedingly exciting and enlightening experience. I am yet to discover my purpose as you promised it would have been revealed to me. Somehow it eluded me :) maybe for a good reason and another season :). I enjoyed every day of it and hope this is not the abrupt end to something sooo wonderful. I will eventually subscribe to the Secret Manifesting Formula, but in the meantime I just wondered if there is something to work on with your group. Every day I recorded my cheque amount and my spending and today (day 12) I summed it up to One billion, eight hundred and eighty-four million, seven hundred and forty-eight thousand dollars ($1,884,748,000.! With that sum of money I will contribute to healing the world, especially in the area of education. Thank you very much and all the best in your endeavors. ~Donna

This is Sarfraz Latif from Pakistan. "Giving to Get verses Giving to Give" is one of the most inspiring messages you've sent to me so far. This whole article just awed my whole mind, body and soul, and really helped me to decide my approach towards things and people I'm not happy about right now. Thanks very very much for enlightening me and many others. Best of luck on your journey to enlightening the whole world with your precious thoughts and ideas. God bless you always! Thanks! ~Sarfraz

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